Top Nursing Scrubs for All Healthcare Professionals

Scrubs are undoubtedly the most important part of a nurse’s wardrobe. They need to do double duty not only protecting nurses and their patients, but also helping nurses stay comfortable over long hours and in sometimes gruelling conditions. Yet depending on the circumstances, they also need to help nurses look polished and stylish before, during and after their shifts. 

When choosing the best nursing scrubs, it’s important to remember that there are many different kinds of nurses who can have really varying needs. So here we look at the top 10 best medical wear scrubs from a variety of different standpoints, for both male and female nurses.


The best plus-size nursing scrubs

When considering what the best scrubs for plus sizes are, it’s important to look beyond just the sizes themselves and search for comfortable fabric that fits a variety of body shapes. For that we recommend the Cherokee Core Stretch line, which is available in sizes up to 5XL and is made with a quality cotton, polyester and spandex mix fabric that is breathable and stretches gently to help busy nurses move without feeling restricted. 

The Core Stretch line has a number of different options, and for women there’s the popular Cherokee Core Stretch 4710 Scrubs Top and Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch 4005 Scrubs Pants, both with classic cuts and a variety of colours to suit any hospital or clinic. Likewise for men, there’s the Cherokee Core Stretch 4743 Scrubs Top and Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch 4243 Scrubs Pants.


The best male nursing scrubs

Cherokee Scrubs Top 2XL Cherokee Workwear Revolution WW670 Scrubs Top Men's V-Neck Ceil Blue

There are a lot of nursing scrubs out there for men, but none top the Cherokee Workwear Revolution WW670 Scrubs Top and Cherokee Workwear Revolution WW140 Scrubs Pants. Not only do they have a classic cut that makes it easy to move during busy shifts, but both the top and pants come with more pockets than normal scrubs — essential for keeping everything you need within easy reach. The pants have both a drawstring and a zip front fly with a button closure, so they look polished and professional while also staying comfortable and convenient. The poly/rayon/spandex mix keeps wrinkles at bay and provides just the right amount of stretch while keeping the scrubs structured.

The best nursing scrubs for paediatrics

Medshop Australia Scrubs Top 2XL Cherokee Tooniforms V-Neck Scrub Top Minnie and Mickey Looking At You TF690

The right scrubs can go a long way in helping kids feel more comfortable on their visit to the doctor or hospital, and lighten up the workplace for staff too. And what better way to put everyone at ease than with familiar cartoon favourites like Disney characters? The Cherokee Tooniforms line features scrub tops for men and women, with a choice of V-neck Minnie and Mickey Mouse scrub for women, and V-neck Mickey or Aladdin scrubs for men. There’s also a flattering mock wrap Minnie Mouse scrub top with a colourful contrasting band. All tops come with multiple pockets and side vents for comfort and mobility.


The best value nursing scrubs

Prestige Medical Scrubs Top Prestige Unisex Scrub Tops

Cherokee is renowned as one of the best nursing scrubs brands, but that comes with a price. If you’re on a budget and are looking for the best deal on nursing scrubs without sacrificing quality, there’s Prestige. Prestige offers Unisex Scrub Tops and Unisex Scrub Pants that are a few dollars cheaper than most Cherokee products, perfect for nurses on a budget. They’re generously cut and made with a polyester and “sueded” cotton poplin blend, which means they stay incredibly comfortable even through long shifts. Prestige scrubs are also easy to clean and durable, which helps you save even more money in the long run.


The best scrubs for nursing students

Cherokee Set 2XL Cherokee Workwear WW530C Scrubs Set Unisex Navy

Nursing students generally need professional-looking standard scrubs that fit their student budget. Scrubs sets are the best way to easily tick all these boxes so you can focus on your studies instead of sorting your wardrobe. We recommend Cherokee Workwear scrubs sets, which are a unisex top and pant pair available in a variety of fun colours. Best of all, these sets are a significant discount off the price of buying the items singly.


The best unisex nursing scrubs

Why choose unisex scrubs? The biggest reason is that some workplaces require all nursing staff to wear the same uniform, but unisex scrubs are also great for petite women who don’t want to wear women’s styles, but can’t find their size in men’s scrubs.

The best unise scrubs to fit any gender are the Cherokee Core Stretch 4725 Scrubs Top and Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch 4043 Scrubs Pants. Made with the Core Stretch line’s cotton, polyester and spandex blend, they’re of course incredibly comfortable yet also durable, breathable and easy to clean. Both the top and the bottom have plenty of pockets, and they’re available in a huge variety of colours to look great on anyone.


The best stylish nursing scrubs

Nursing scrubs have come a long way since the days of old, and while the square scrub was the norm for some time, there’s now a new wave of more stylish scrubs on offer to meet the demand of those who want scrubs that keep them looking polished and presentable in front of patients.

Everyone has their own unique style, but we recommend the Cherokee Luxe 21701 Scrubs Top, which is a mock wrap top with a modern yet classic empire waist cut and flattering piping around the neckline. Pair it with the Cherokee Luxe CK040 Scrubs Pants, which has a tapered leg for a smart, contemporary look.

An incredibly stylish look for men is the Cherokee Infinity CK825A Scrubs Top, which has a polo neck and stitch detailing across the chest. Together with the Cherokee Infinity CK200A Scrubs Pants, they create a clean and professional look that is even stylish enough to be worn outside of the clinic.


The best maternity scrubs

Pregnant nurses need scrubs that accommodate their baby bump over time and are extra comfortable, yet still flattering and professional. Cherokee maternity scrubs are designed to fit women throughout their pregnancy, so you don’t need to buy larger sizes as your belly grows. We recommend the Cherokee Workwear Professionals WW685 Scrubs Top, which is a mock wrap top with an adjustable empire waist, and the Cherokee Workwear Professionals WW220 Scrubs Pants, which have a stretchy soft rib belly panel for maximum coverage and support, and a straight leg cut that makes them easier to take off than tapered legs or joggers.


The best athletic style scrubs

Athletic scrubs offer durability, comfort and style for nurses working long shifts in active environments. Instead of regular, boxy scrubs, they’re generally more form-fitting and made with stretch materials to facilitate ease of movement. For athletic styles, the best nursing scrubs pants are joggers with their modern silhouette that looks just as stylish in a cafe as they do at a clinic.

We love the women’s Cherokee Infinity CK110A Scrubs Pants, with their tapered jogger leg and stylish coverstitch detail, paired with the Cherokee Infinity CK623A Scrubs Top. Both are made with comfortable and stretchy poplin and rib knit fabrics, allowing for plenty of movement.

Men likewise have the Cherokee Infinity CK900A Scrubs Top, which has a trim athletic cut with triple-needle topstitching and stretch rib knit around the V-neck, and the jogger style Cherokee Infinity CK004A Scrubs Pants.


The best scrubs for travel nurses 

Travel nurses need professional-looking scrubs that are easy to care for, and of course comfortable for long days on assignment. Scrubs that are anti-wrinkle are a must for staying away from home in accommodation that might not come with an iron. We think the best scrubs for travel nurses on the go are the Cherokee iflex line. Made with a 94% polyester 6% spandex mix, they’re incredibly comfortable, have loads of stretch for ease of movement, and of course stay winkle free. The Cherokee iflex CK605 Scrubs Top and Cherokee iflex CK002 Scrubs Pants are both stylishly cut for a clean, professional look, yet still have plenty of pockets to keep everything you need within reach throughout your shift.

No matter what your needs, you’ve found the best place to buy nursing scrubs. We have a huge variety of nursing scrubs from two of the biggest names in the industry. Complete your 2021 in the best nursing scrubs for you Check out our whole lineup to complete your 2021 in the best nursing scrubs for you, so you can look and feel even better while following your calling.

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