7 Reasons Oxypas Shoes are the Best

7 Reasons Oxypas Shoes are the Best

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June 17, 2020

7 Reasons Oxypas Shoes are the Best

For healthcare professionals everywhere, a comfortable pair of shoes is what gets you through the day. When they work, you should barely notice them at all, however, when they don't, they can cause serious discomfort and real pain. 

Today, there are many types of nursing clogs on the market, from the more traditional styles worn by nurses since World War Two, to injection moulded safety shoes made for the demands of the modern operating room as well as the ward. 

The latter is the sort we sell most of at Medshop Australia, and injection moulded shoes by Oxypas are some of our favourites. Unlike traditional shoes, Oxypas produces most parts of their shoes in a one-shot by injecting foam into a mould. This means they 

With injection moulded shoes, there are fewer soles to pull apart from the shoe, fewer seams to split, and additional components, meaning less extra weight. We’ll get into all the benefits of these shoes in a second, but if you think you’re new to injection moulded shoes, you’re probably not.

They’ve become something of a sensation in the world outside the medical profession. Many shoe companies employ elements of injection moulding, such that it's become an industry standard.

One brand, in particular — I won't mention their name — has enjoyed a long successful campaign via mall kiosks and department store sales.

Rest assured, the shoes we carry aren’t the mall variety. Those brands haven’t been around as long as Oxypas, which started making awesome shoes for medical professionals in 1991.

If that doesn’t sound that long ago, consider that Bob Hawke was still the Prime Minister, compact discs were the best way to hear music, and the internet was but a wee babe in Australia.

Needless to say, Oxypas has been around for a little while. That’s why they make what we consider the best shoes for nurses and other medical professionals, hands(feet) down. 

But what makes Oxypas shoes so special? Here we take a look at seven reasons Oxypas shoes are among the most convenient and comfortable nursing shoes around. Read on for everything you need to know about this top professional footwear brand. 


7) Oxypas Shoes Won’t Stink


Let’s face it, shoes can build up a life of their own. They can stink, especially after a double shift of rounds. What's worse, cleaning medical shoes is a hassle.

Over time, shoes spun in a dryer start to fall apart. Also, the smell never fully goes away. Fully washable nursing shoes are a necessity. 

Oxypas shoes not only come with ventilation holes big enough to stick your finger through, but the material of the shoes is also fully washable, with their Oxyclog range is also autoclavable for the ultimate in sterile shoes. In a matter of minutes, you can clean and dry them, without a care in the world.

They’re also lined with an antibacterial liner so they’ll resist holding any rogue odours that try to cling to your shoes. Look no further than the Ultralite Classic Olivia White for antibacterial linings in a classic, unisex nursing shoe.

6) Oxypas Shoes Give Grip


Nurses and other medical professionals need the ability to move like athletes when necessary. A working nurse will put down an average of ten kilometres by the end of a workday.

Slips and falls are the most common form of injury at work. Nurses need the ability to move swiftly, turning 180 degrees without worry that they will slip as they turn. Anti-slip sole then, are highly important! 

The non-slip outsole of Oxypas shoes manages this probability within a hair’s distance of zero.

In fact, the European standard for slip resistance tested and passed Oxypas for the toughest rating, on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution, and on smooth steel with glycerol.

An ideal take on a classic look is the Betty White model, designed with exceptional grip in almost any situation. Additionally, much of the Oxypas shoe range comes with their patented Oxygrip technology for the slipperiest of situations.  


5) Oxypas Shoes are Not Shocking



Everyone knows the dreaded shock of a carpet and a poor pair of shoes. Static can shock you, and worse, you can shock your patients. Anti-static shoes are also very important for nurses. 

The shoes from Oxypas have an anti-static feature, which keeps you from building up a current as you earn your living.

The Conformité Européenne (CE) rated Oxypas shoes as compliant with the CE 20345 S2 standard, which means they’re breathable, built with a quality lining, free of toxic substances, and that they have a safety toe cap (resistance 200 Joules).

In short, you'll not have to think about static electricity.  

4) Oxypas Shoes are in it for the Long Shift


Speaking of shocking, Oxypas shoes remove more than one sort of shock. In fact, their shock-absorbing design means that there's almost no shock when walking around, even after a double shift.

The Bodylight shoes from Oxypas — available in more than white — are the ultimate in cloud walking shoes. ultra-light and supremely comfortable, Oxypas designed them to help tone your leg muscles as you walk.

Who knew walking on clouds could help get you in shape while you make a living? That’s what they call a win-win-win.

Even the thinnest souled Oxypas shoes have excellent shock absorption. No more “I can’t wait to get home and take off these shoes.”


3) Oxypas Shoes Won’t Get You into Trouble


The last thing you want to worry about at work is whether or not your shoes are creating stress for someone else.

Sound crazy? It’s not if you consider that some shoes leave marks on the floor. It may not be an important factor when saving lives, but someone at your workplace gets paid to keep the floors neat and clean.

In fact, medical facilities carry the reputation of being the cleanest floors anywhere. That means someone else gets paid to make sure those floors aren’t that much harder to keep clean, namely, your supervisor.

That person won’t promote you for wearing shoes that won’t mark up the floor, but they also won’t have to ask you to purchase new shoes.

Shoes from Oxypas fit into your fly-below-the-radar plan

2) Oxypas Shoes are Shaped Like a Human Foot


It sounds counterintuitive, but most shoes on the market are not shaped like a human foot.

We’re not talking about the fingered variety that looks too much like a human foot. We’re talking about the normal bed of the human foot when it strikes the ground.

Your phalanges, the little foot bones, need room to spread out. Many shoes not only lack the width to allow your foot to properly flex, but they also look like someone with a background in torture designed them.

The largest part of the toe box (front of the shoe) often doesn’t line up with normal toes, as if the big toe should be in the middle of the foot, not to one side.

Oxypas shoes have a more anatomically shaped footbed and insole to make wearing them easier.


1) Oxypas Shoes are So Comfortable You'll Forget Your Wearing Them


Speaking of moving like an athlete, don’t feel funny if you consider wearing your work shoes for running laps around the neighbourhood or for your next marathon.

Because Oxypas shoes are made by injection moulding, there’ not a bunch of glue and stitching weighing them down. Most pairs weigh less than 200 grams, putting them in league with most high performance running sneakers.

A pair of shoes from Oxypas might look funny crossing the finish line, but what do you care if your feet feel like a million bucks? Seriously, these things are light.

The Eva model, a simple non-toxic clog, complete with a heel strap, is the best no-nonsense example of Oxypas’ build standard.

 There are more reasons to love Oxypas, but if you’ve read this far, we’re not talking to you. If you don’t already own a pair of Oxypas shoes, you’re in the market for a pair now.

What’s it going to be? The Eva model? The Betty White? The Olivia White? Maybe you get one of each style so you can vary your shoes as you prefer?

Rest assured that once you wear a pair of these shoes you won’t want to wear anything else. You will officially have been spoiled, and you totally deserve it.

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