NDIS Services

Since 2022, Medshop is proud to be a registered NDIS provider.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), provides support and assistance to Australians living with disability. 

As Australia's leading medical goods supplier, Medshop provides a comprehensive range of consumables, equipment and mobility supplies. This enables NDIS participants, and the people who represent them with a convenient one stop shopping destination to cover a variety of participant needs. 

Here is a guide to the services we offer, and how you can utilise our services.


Self Managed Participants

Participants with self managed NDIS plans are able request quotations or place orders directly through Medshop.

The participant may be engaging directly with Medshop themselves, or through a nominated representative eg. A caregiver. Self managed participants pre-pay for orders and then claim back expenses through the NDIS participant portal. 

Plan Managed Participants

Participants in the NDIS plan management scheme have their orders and quotations managed on their behalf by a registered plan manager.

Plan managers and plan management organisations can request quotations from Medshop and place orders for their clients. Credit accounts are available for registered plan managers. To enquire about this option please email us at sales@medshop.com.au

NDIA Managed (or Agency Managed) Participants

Medshop is registered to provide services to NDIA managed participants. NDIA managed participants can request quotations through the Medshop website directly, or you may like to contact Medshop via email to discuss your requirements. 

Requesting Quotations

NDIS participants and representatives of NDIS participants may request quotations directly through our website, or via email. Here is a guide we have put together that you can view online, download or print out.

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