The Best Weight Scales for Your Hospital, Clinic, or Home

Best Weight Scales

Scales are used everywhere, from hospitals and clinics to health centres and domestic homes. Wether weighing babies or measuring body fat, scales allow doctors to evaluate their patients, prescribe accurate doses of medication and assess the health of the people in their care. Investing in reliable scales makes it easier for medical professionals to get accurate readings and for individuals to properly monitor their own health.  

Here, we take a look at some of the best weight scales available for home, clinical and medical use.

 The Best General Purpose Weight Scales

General purpose weight scales are high-quality devices that are suitable for a broad range of uses. Products like the Seca 813 Electronic Flat Scales are incredibly precise, measuring weights of up to 150kg in increments of just 100g. Ideal for use in hotels, nutritional clinics, homes and other settings, these scales give reliable results every time. 

As well as providing accurate measurements, the Charder MS6111 Adult & Baby Scale can also measure BMI and be used to weigh babies held in an adult’s arms. These versatile functions make it a great choice for anyone looking for a general purpose scale.


The Best Weight Scales for Body Fat

If a patient has a high percentage of body fat, it can negatively impact their health and cause or aggravate a range of serious conditions. Accurately measuring body fat allows doctors to assess the health of their patients and create a workable and effective treatment plan.

The Seca 804 Flat Scale, Electronic, 150kg, with chromed electrodes is designed to allow medical professionals to quickly and accurately measure their patients’ body fat. The scales not only determine a person’s weight, they also measure body fat (BF) and water (BW) content. This gives medical professionals a more complete picture of their patient’s health and overall condition.

The Best Bathroom Scales with Body Fat Indicators

Another good option is this digital glass scale from Cumper & Robbins. Very affordable, it’s ideal for home use. This allows patients to monitor their weight and overall health when not at a clinic. As well as providing accurate weight measurements, the scale can be used to give advanced body composition data including fat, water and muscle measurements.

The Best Analogue Weight Scales

Analogue scales are a reliable alternative to digital devices. The Seca 750 Flat Scale is accurate, easy to use and extremely durable. These scales are suitable for both domestic and professional use and have a capacity of up to 150kg.


The Best Weight Scales for Babies and Infants

Weight is an incredibly important indicator of a baby’s health. Steady weight gain shows the infant is developing normally and getting the nutrition they need. The best way to get an accurate measurement of a baby’s weight is to use specialist infant weighing scales.

The Seca 354 Baby Scale is a good option for professional use. The device has a capacity of 20kg and a number of specialist functions. These include a breast milk setting that allows the medical professional to assess how much milk the baby has ingested after a feed, something that can be essential when it comes to maintaining nutrition. The Seca 354 Baby Scale has a detachable tray. When the tray is removed, the device can be used as a robust flat scale for children weighing up to 20kg.

The Baby Scale MS-21NEO is specially designed for use with neonatal patients and very young babies. For children up to 6kg, the device is readable in 2g increments, allowing caregivers to get an exceptionally accurate measurement. The scale is designed for hospitals, clinics, surgeries and home use. 


The Best Multipurpose Scales 

Multipurpose scales are ideal for doctors’ surgeries and clinics that see a lot of patients with different needs. The Seca 869 Flat Scale is perfect for settings that require a versatile and reliable scale. The device has a capacity of up to 250kg and is accurate to within 100g. 

The Seca 869 offers a number of additional weighing functions including BMI. It also has a TARE function for weighing small children held in an adult’s arms. The display is connected to the scale via a 2.5m cable. This allows medical professionals to place the display on a wall, table or another convenient position.


What are the Best Weight Scales to Buy for Mobile Use?

A lot of the time, nutritionists, doctors, nurses and other professionals need to get accurate weight readings when visiting patients in their own homes. Having a reliable scale that can be easily transported between locations allows these professionals to properly assess the people they’re working with.

The Seca 876 Flat Scale is an accurate, high quality scale that’s suitable for mobile use. The scale has a capacity of 250kg and a large number of useful weighing functions. The device itself weighs just 4.2kg, making it very portable and easy to transport between locations.


The Best Weight Scales to Buy for Diets and Nutrition

Special diets and nutritional plans often require followers to accurately measure out ingredients and portions. This allows patients to closely monitor exactly what goes into their bodies. The My Weigh VOX3000 Talking Kitchen Scale is highly accurate and is designed to allow users to weigh a range of ingredients up to 3kg. The device has a voice function that reads out measurements, making it ideal for people with sight loss.

Another good option is this 5kg Diet/Nutritional Glass Top Scale. As well as accurately weighing out ingredients and portion sizes, the scales are programmed with the nutritional data of over 500 food items. This allows users to quickly and easily assess their calorie intake. 

What is the Best Weight Scale Brand?

All of the weight scales available through Medshop are manufactured by brands known for the quality of their products. A lot of our weighing scales are made by Seca. The German company has been manufacturing precision engineered medical equipment since 1840, making it one of the most established names in the business.

Charder Medical also makes a number of the weight scales available on Medshop. Based in Taiwan, Charder was founded in 1980 and also has an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-quality products. Other good weight scale brands include MyWeigh, Lanter and Jennings.

Learn more about our collection of weight scales, and find the right scales for your needs, by exploring the Medshop Australia store today. 

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