Which is the Better Scrubs, Australia? Prestige or Cherokee?

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For Medshop Australia, there are two brands of scrubs that rise to the surface, Prestige, and Cherokee. They’re not the best because we carry them. It’s quite the opposite.

We carry those brands because we prefer to sell products that make for satisfied customers.

When it comes to wearing the most comfortable work uniform on the planet (Psst, it's scrubs), medical professionals must navigate values to find the just-right uniform.

On one hand, you have to comply with the uniform rules of the hospital, clinic or lab in which you work.

Then there are the colour palettes for said company. The scrubs have to be comfortable but not too comfortable, as in worn down until see-through is not very professional. Oh yeah, and they should look professional.

Head-to-head, our customers want to know which is the better buy, Prestige or Cherokee? Both companies make a good product, but we’re going to dive into what separates the two.


Why Prestige?


A little over 40 years ago, Prestige Medical started making clothing and medical instruments, a tradition they maintain today.

Unlike the other brand of scrubs that we carry, Prestige has been strictly medical from the beginning.

Whereas critics might lobby this is why Prestige’s scrubs don’t appeal to a wider audience, their fans agree that Prestige’s attention to creating a professional look is bar none.

What Prestige has going for them is name recognition. Medical professionals, when pressed to purchase new scrubs, recognize the Prestige name as the same one from their medical tools.

In addition to the scrubs we carry from Prestige, we also carry their stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, watches, penlights, scissors, carrying cases, and socks.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Prestige’s brand is everywhere.


Prestige medical scrubs


When it comes to scrubs from Prestige, you get not only a medical company’s commitment, you'll also save a few bucks.

Compared to Cherokee scrubs, Prestige totals in a few dollars cheaper, which adds up if you’re trying to fill a closet with fresh scrubs. For your hard earned cash, you’ll get a reliable brand, but you might sacrifice some fashion.

As a more conservative brand, Prestige’s scrubs won’t fit as trim as Cherokee scrubs. For many practitioners, this is good news. Not everyone feels comfortable in fitted clothing.

This says nothing of Prestige’s comfort, which is good. Their scrubs are a blend of cotton and polyester, designed for softness and stain repellant.

Tops come in one or two pockets. Pants draw closed with a string. They have back pockets and a side cargo pocket.

For medical professionals who also wear a lab coat, Prestige makes and we carry these too. Their coat is a blend as well, but more on the polyester side so splashes will tend to roll off better.

People like Prestige’s coats because of their brand recognition, but also for their fit. They’re loose, darted in the back and generously cut so you can easily move without restriction.

For a student on a budget looking for reliable scrubs, Prestige is a great place to start. If you’re looking for a super good deal, we’re closing out of our Prestige scrub sets as of this writing.

When they’re gone, they’re gone. We will, however, still carry separate tops and bottoms by Prestige for now.

Take me straight to closeout savings on Prestige


Why Cherokee?


In short, we began carrying Cherokee last year because they offered a ton of style for not much more cost than Prestige.

Started in 1973 in California (USA), Cherokee brand clothing began with a shoe. Yes, a shoe. In fact, they still make shoes, but not the sort that medical professionals wear, not yet anyway.

From the beginning, Cherokee, which is the name of a nation of native American people, sought to create American fashion. They call what they do “American Cool."

(Around here we just call it Aussie cool because why not?)

To Cherokee, this means wearing their clothes would make for a relaxed, and confident experience.

As it turns out, these values for comfort and effortless style extend beyond the borders of America. Everyone wants fashion wrapped in an affordable, yet comfortable package.

That’s what Cherokee has created with their scrubs. They’ve pushed their way into the halls of medicine, a place where comfort and cool go a long way.


Cherokee scrubs Australia


Cherokee limits the retailers of their scrubs in Australia. Medshop Australia is fortunate to be one of their trusted distributors, which could also be your great fortune.

We carry five lines of Cherokee scrubs, Originals, Revolution, Flexibles, Core stretch, and the Luxe line. We’ll get more into the details in the next section...

Each line offers something slightly different with the rest so you can find the Cherokee scrubs that not only best fit you, but the ones that best fit your lifestyle too.


Cherokee Scrub Line

cherokee-scrubs-medical-uniforms2.png It would be a fair assertion to state that we’re biased towards Cherokee at Medshop Australia. Just look at all the action in that marketing image above! We just introduced this brand last year and it’s been nothing but a love affair since the beginning. We have at least five reasons to feel this way. The first one is the Originals line of scrubs. Similar to the Prestige scrubs, these are a blended fabric so you get the best of both fibres, the softness of cotton blended with the resilience of polyester. That’s where the comparison ends. This Cherokee blend not only repels liquids from soaking in, but it also softens with every wash. They get better with wear. The Revolution range is more flexible, adding Rayon into the blend, making them soft and stretchy. They also feature minor upgrades, like a higher quality waistband. If the Revolutions aren’t flexible enough for your particular job, you might consider the Flexibles, aptly named. These are the ultimate in style, stretch, and comfort. In this line, Cherokee added special flexible sections of fabric for places where you’ll tend to move more. It may come as surprise, but Cherokee went one further and created four-way stretch scrubs call their Core Stretch line of scrubs. You will have no limitations in movement wearing these. On top of that, and comfort, this line features an antimicrobial to keep you from picking up bacteria at work. Their Luxe line of scrubs offers the softest fabric of any Cherokee scrubs but in detailed fashions and finishes.  

So.. which are the best scrubs?

Untitled design.png

Unless you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with the Cherokee scrubs. They offer a wider variety of options, but you’ll pay for every layer of innovation you ascend in their lineup.

If you’re just getting out of school, set yourself up with enough Prestige scrubs to get you to your first few paychecks. When you feel like you can breathe again, start adding Cherokee scrubs to your closet.

Who knows, you may decide you prefer the Prestige scrubs more, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We wouldn’t carry Prestige if they weren’t a great brand.

Most medical professionals who’ve been in the field for long enough will gravitate towards a brand like Cherokee for all the reasons mentioned already.

If this didn’t help and you want additional help, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

Otherwise, take a peek at Cherokee’s scrubs and see if you can’t find your exact desired look.

Let me see those Cherokee scrubs
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