Support Breast Cancer Awareness By Wearing Pink Scrubs

Support Breast Cancer Awareness By Wearing Pink Scrubs

Carolyn Cumper

Carolyn Cumper

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June 12, 2024

In Australia and many other parts of the world, we recognize October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, thanks to an American Cancer Society campaign that spread globally. Every year, countless events, fundraisers, and educational efforts are hosted around the country to bring more awareness to this deadly disease.

The nationwide initiatives aim to ensure that all Australian women know that the best way to survive breast cancer is to identify it early. That means performing regular breast exams, getting checkups with your doctor, and having mammograms when appropriate. We always recommend talking with your physician about the best ways to prevent breast cancer.

At Medshop, we know how important it is to prioritize awareness and early detection, and that’s why we want to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s take a look at some of the most important symbols for breast cancer awareness, how to protect your mental health as a healthcare professional working with breast cancer patients, and ways you can show your support for the cause.

Why Wear Pink Scrubs?

The color pink has been associated with breast cancer awareness for more than 40 years. Susan G. Komen, a leader in breast cancer research, started using pink in 1982 when it opened. In the 90s, the pink ribbon started being used as a global symbol for breast cancer. Since then, the bright shade has been used to symbolize breast cancer all over the world.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many healthcare workers find that wearing pink scrubs is an easy way to show support and increase awareness while remaining professional. Luckily, major brands like Cherokee and Dickies carry scrub caps, scrub pants, and tops in pink so you can represent the cause in a comfortable brand you know and love.

Impact on Healthcare Professionals

For healthcare workers, there can be mental health impacts to treating breast cancer patients. It’s never easy to see patients suffer, and nurses often have a front-row seat to the most difficult parts of a patient’s cancer journey. Thankfully, the most recent breast cancer statistics tell an encouraging story: 92% of people diagnosed with the disease will live at least five years after diagnosis.

Still, the journey isn’t easy. For your own mental wellbeing and the good of your patients, you should make an effort to invest time into self-care habits that will help you cope with the emotionally complicated nature of your job. Resources like support groups and therapy can be very helpful. Don’t forget to get plenty of rest, as your job is quite taxing and you’ll need time to recharge regularly. Lastly, be sure to celebrate every good outcome with your patients.

Choose the Right Pink Scrubs

One of our specialties at Medshop is helping healthcare workers find the best medical scrubs for their needs. Nurses, doctors, and other professionals in need of pink scrubs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month will find a plethora of options in our online shop. Choosing the right new scrubs may feel like a daunting task, but we’re here to help.

Choose the Right Pink Scrubs

Scrub Tops

Most of our customers say that comfort is a high priority for them when considering the best scrub tops. This hot pink scrub top from Cherokee’s Workwear Revolution line is highly rated for comfort, and we often hear that the v-neck cut is flattering, as well. With a sale price of $25, this top is a steal.

Scrub Pants

When shopping for pink scrub pants, our customers want a balance between function and comfort. These Cherokee scrub pants, also from the Workwear Revolution collection, fit that bill perfectly. They are lightweight, making them a great option for healthcare workers on the go, and feature several pockets for storage.

Shoes and Clogs

Medshop customers love that we offer a range of comfortable nursing shoe options, and these Oxypas Ultralite Classic Lisa Clogs are a fan favorite. Offered in a pink and white design, they look great with pink scrubs, but are subtle enough to go with any colour.

Other Ways to Show Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

As a healthcare professional, you’re already doing your part to support breast cancer patients in the ways they need it most. But we often get asked if there are other things that can be done to support the cause, and we’ve highlighted a few here.

Raising Funds

You can make a donation yourself to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, or if you prefer, you can host a fundraiser to bring attention to breast cancer awareness causes and raise money on a larger scale.

Raising Funds

Supporting Research

One of the best ways to support breast cancer awareness is to back the critical breast cancer research that is being done around the clock. Organizations like Australian Breast Cancer Research are working tirelessly to find new medication treatment options and, ultimately, find a cure.

Promoting Conversations

Don’t be afraid to talk about the cause! Whether you’re at work or spending time with friends and family, there is a good chance you or someone you know is affected by breast cancer in some way. Talking about it can help spread the word about organizations doing research, fundraisers, and educational efforts.

Show Off Your Support

In addition to wearing pink scrubs, you can show off your support for breast cancer awareness by opting for accessories like this breast cancer ribbon version of the Prestige Deluxe Retracteze ID Holder. You can even opt for a pink stethoscope if you want to make a statement with your medical devices.

Customer Testimonials

While we always think our products are best in class, you don’t have to take Medshop’s word for it. Take a look at some of our customers’ thoughts:

  • 3M Littman Classic III Stethoscope:
    • “It’s exactly what I expected when I ordered it. It’s works really well!” - Danneka W.
  • Cherokee Workwear Revolution WW120 Scrubs Pants:
    • “Super lightweight and comfortable.” - Shuri H.
  • Cherokee Workwear Revolution WW610 Scrubs Top:
    • “I’m extremely happy with the quality; the fabric is very soft and comfortable on the skin. Plenty of pockets, and the electric pink colour really brightens a hospital environment.” - Leanne K.
    • “Lovely soft fabric with lots of stretch. Will definitely buy again.” - Julianne G.


The best thing you can do to promote breast cancer awareness as a healthcare worker is to put your patients first. Supporting them in their cancer journey is one of the most powerful and compassionate parts of your job. Along the way, you may find that little gestures like wearing pink scrubs or sporting a pink stethoscope can brighten your patients’ days and help them feel seen.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is important, but we can’t forget that people are fighting this disease every day, and they deserve our support all year long.


Author: Carolyn Cumper's career spans from being a Patrol Officer in Rhodesia to a Paediatric Nurse in the UK, and later a Deputy Hospice Manager in Australia. Her diverse journey includes roles in law enforcement, healthcare, and business, culminating in her significant contributions to Medshop.

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