Searching for a “Nursing Uniform Store Near Me?” It’s Closer Than You Think

Searching for a “Nursing Uniform Store Near Me_” It’s Closer Than You Think (1).png   Sometimes you need an article of clothing right about now. In this fast-paced world of instant gratification, the fastest means to any goal often seems the most desirable route, and if there's shopping tied to it then by all means...

Fast, however, is not always better. (In fact, faster might reasonably cause you to wonder why am I rushing?) Shopping in the traditional way, might also not be worth all the fuss.

In today's world of smartphones, you can speed up your shopping efforts by searching for a nursing uniforms store. You’ll get a few hits quickly, some of which may even be stores you recognize.

Within hours, you could have a sparkly new set of nursing scrubs, several in fact, but at what cost?  In some cases, the cost may be more than the money you spend. I’ll explain in a second.

The other costs you should consider are your well being, your actual versus perceived savings, and the loss of your time spent running around.

We’re well into the new millennia at this point. It’s time to shop online almost exclusively. Here’s why…


The pros and cons of the nearby nursing uniform store


Trying to find a nursing uniform in Australia, if you live outside a metropolis, can be challenging. Inside of more populated destinations, anyplace you would shop comes at a cost not often considered.

Forget the time and money spent to drive to the location, you may have to deal with pushy salespeople, other shoppers, and they're children running mad.

There’s a good reason brick and mortar (physical) shopping is going the way of the dodo. As such, one would have to suffer self-loathing or be an actual dodo to invite such an experience into one’s life.

These days, if you can at all avoid shopping at a store, skip it.

On the up-side, shopping in a store affords you the ability to try on clothes. It’s an overinflated benefit, though, if you factor in the hovering salesperson, waiting  in a queu, and changing your clothes in a tiny room.

If you insist on shopping this way, because there's a HUGE sale or something, visit your favorite nursing scrub store on a non-weekend day. Go when the kids are in school, and when their parents are likely at work.

That said, before you convince yourself that you're getting such a steal at the proposed store, do all your homework. All sales are not savings, not when you add up EVERYTHING. 

Stores are bonkers. Take me to your online portal NOW.

Why a nursing uniform sale could be a head-fake


There's a hypnotic effect to words like SALE, CLEARANCE, and FREE, especially when they appear with words like NOW.

Trust me, I know. My job is words. You may have even felt a twinge of excitement simply reading those words in that last sentence. That means you're normal.

Those types of words seem to promise a win for those willing to investigate further. The wins they promise, however, fall apart upon deeper inpsection.

“Surely, if this nursing scrubs set normally retails at $149, but is on sale for $99," you'll remark, "it must be some kind of deal!”

Not necessarily. You’ll always do a lot better by cutting out the middleman, as in shopping an online retailer versus a brick and mortar (B&M).

Online stores can also offer sales, but when they lower their prices, you’ll know you're getting a discount off a price that doesn’t pay for the expenses of running a store (utilities, rent, sales staff, and more).

The team we keep at Medshop, for example, is a steadfast, and competent team of professionals, buuut we’d be a little understaffed to run a B&M. (That, and we prefer our casual work environment.)

To get the best price for the nursing uniform you really want, if you must shop in a store, be sure to compare to online prices before you put down your credit card.


Did someone say, “nursing uniform catalog?”


To anyone young enough not to know better, there was a time when catalogs were the best way to shop for a steal.

You would find them conveniently located in the most idyllic places, break rooms, college lounges, the waiting rooms of certain professors, left behind by a hopeful salesperson working the lazy game.

Catalogs haven’t gone away. In most cases, they’ve metamorphosed into online retailers.

Shopping online is a more streamlined version of the same thing. You want your retailer to run a streamlined business. That means more savings for you.

Because some of us are slow to adopt, there are still catalogs in production, but what a hassle! Most of what shows up in catalogs these days are boutique fashions, not deals.


So where to buy a nursing uniform, Australia?

[caption id="attachment_8083" align="alignnone" width="2366"]Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.47.09 AM Hm, where oh where can I shop?[/caption]

No doubt we’re biased, but online is your best option. Definitetly check out Medshop Australia's nursing scrubs.

We understand that you are free to shop the world wide web to see your full range of options in Australia. That said, we stand by our reputation.

As such we offer two brands we like because they are the ones least likely to provoke dissatisfaction, Cherokee workwear, and Prestige Medical.

The new line from Cherokee offers nurses and other medical professionals a wide scope of styles and colors, so much that we think you’d be silly not to at least try them.

If buying online isn’t yet a comfortable practice for you, try the local B&M, but brace yourself. Consider all your costs too: petrol for the car, parking lot fees, parking ticket fines, and tips to the server at lunch. Eating out when shopping is common.

Alternatively, you could grab your tablet and sit on the sofa at home with a cup of whatever. Shop until you literally pass out. It's your home. Who will say anything?


Consider buying your nursing uniform online


According to research from Deloitte, Australians lead the world in smartphone usage. At last count, 88 percent of Aussies own one.

It's not only the younger generations driving smartphone usage either. The fastest growing segment of Australians driving sales and usage is aging adults. With the advent and improvements of encryption, the dangers of online purchases are quickly becoming a footnote in history. There is little to no risk with online purchases these days. The bigger risks online are fishing scams via email or social media, and massive security break-ins to large-scale databases like banks. Break-ins and bank robberies have been going on since long before the internet.

The other argument made against online purchases, especially with clothing, is the possibility of returns. Thankfully nursing scrubs come in simple sizing, and fit loosely. Their tough to get too wrong, but what if you buy scrubs embroidered with your name?

It’s true, if you order the wrong nursing uniform online with custom embroidery, you’re going to suffer challenges trying to return that item. That’s true of online and B&M sales.

Along the same line, you’ll not find a retailer online or elsewhere who will accept your scrubs soiled from the graveyard shift you worked in the ER.

Unless the item was defective, returns have to go back on a shelf somewhere. Any retailer will want the chance to resell that item. 

SO, when you buy online, make sure you’re clear about the online store’s return policy. Make sure you understand and factor the chance of a return into your purchase.

If you’re not 100 percent sure about a purchase, don’t have it embroidered. Buy a test set of scrubs first to see how they fit.

When it comes to workwear, you’ll likely load up on the brand and styles that fit the way you prefer. Once you have your size right, a fact that you can remedy through returns if necessary, then you can purchase a large order with embroidery added to the order. To answer your question, yes, we offer FREE embroidery on Cherokee scrubs. If you have any other questions about Medshop Australia's online options, we want to hear from you. You can message us on our Facebook page or you can call us the traditional way. You can also use the contact us link on our site. We're happy to hear from you for any reason. Just, don't ask us to go with you to the brick and mortar clearance sale.  
I'd be willing to at least look at your nursing uniforms.
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