Product Feature: Huntleigh Dopplex ABility Automatic ABI System

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This week we would like to introduce you to the Dopplex ABility Automatic ABI system from Huntleigh Diagnostics.

The company, Huntleigh Diagnostics is a global leader and provider of innovative medical diagnostic equipment for healthcare professionals.

They are one of the worlds top manufacturers and producers of ultrasonic Doppler equipment used in obstetrics, vascular assessment and patient monitoring around the world.


ABI and the History of ABI Testing


ABI is an acronym for Ankle-Brachial Index, a test that is performed by measuring the patient's blood pressure at each ankle and on each arm. If the patient has a low ankle-brachial index count, this can indicate a narrowing or blockage of the arteries in the legs or arms.

Narrow or blocked arteries increase the risk of circulatory problems and contribute to the risk of heart disease or stroke. The condition is referred to as peripheral artery disease.

Risk factors for peripheral artery disease include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
The ABI test is also used to assess lower limb ulceration aetiology and to identify whether compression therapy is suitable for a patient. In addition, ABI testing plays an important role in cardiovascular risk assessment. Current international guidelines recommend cardiovascular risk reduction strategies for patients with an ABI result of ≤ 0.9.

Historically ABI testing has been hindered by issues regarding the practicality of testing methods and equipment, along with the required operator skill for the traditional measurement method using a hand held Doppler.

In order for the traditional testing methods to be accurate, the patient must rest for a period of time prior to testing, drawing the overall testing time out to an excess of approximately 30 minutes.

Many studies have questioned the accuracy of ABI testing when undertaken in non-specialist settings. With the traditional method, the skill level of the operator has been shown to have a significant influence on the accuracy of the results.


The Solution


As world leaders in Doppler technology, Huntleigh recognised these major barriers around ABI testing using the traditional methods.

Their answer, the Dopplex ABility Automatic ABI System.

The Dopplex ABility system has revolutionised the ABI testing process with a significantly reduced test time of only three minutes.

Minimal training is required for its use and the results are not dependant on the skill level of the operator.

The monitor and system are compact and portable, enabling ease of use and transport. The ABility system can be used in all care settings, including home environments.


Financial Justification

About US

The ABility system is a revolutionary device that ensures greater accuracy of measurement, saves time and can be used by operators with minimal training.

These features also come with cost saving benefits, this is important to take into account if you are thinking of investing in the ABility system.

Audit data has shown that in the UK General practitioners refer on average, one patient per week to a vascular surgeon for assessment of ABI with regards to suspected PAD.

Of these referrals, 41 percent have been shown to be inappropriate as subsequent assessment reveals normal ABIs.

If general practices adopt the use of the ABility system, they can perform and bill the test in the office, saving time and money for both patient and doctor.

Given the minimal training requirements for use, the test can be carried out by nursing or support staff - thus saving additional time and money.

Keep in mind that the ABility system can be used for cardiovascular testing and in a wound care setting with relation to leg ulceration.

The versatility, portability and usability are all major advantages that the ABility system has to offer.

If you are in the market for an ABI testing system for your practice or know someone who is - please send them this blog post.

Medshop Australia is working closely with Huntleigh to bring their game changing products to the Australian market at a competitive price.

We look forward to working with you to fulfil your ABI testing requirements.

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