Medshop Australia’s Easy Holiday Shopping Guide; With Super-Affordable Options for Nurses

The month of December is running out of time. Depending on which holiday you celebrate, there may only be days to figure things out. Medshop Australia feels your pain.

We want to help, so a bunch of us walked into our warehouse and pulled a nice variety of options.

Considering gift givers have different needs and budgets, prices start around two measly dollars and don’t go higher than $82.50 for one item.

To make this easy, we’ve organized this list from the most costly options to the less costly. Don’t feel bad; you can skip to the pricing that works for you. Nothing on this list is a throwaway gift.

It’s an even spread. Some of the smaller items at the end are perfect for stuffing stockings, fun, useful, and welcome gifts. Let’s get this solved, shall we?


ASU Nursing Kit - $82.50 and up


Once upon a time, the students of the Australian Catholic University requested a nursing kit with everything a student would need to get started. Thus was born the ASU Nursing Kit, now a standard at most nursing schools. The only thing you have to do is pick the right colour.


Cherokee Scrubs - $29.36 and up


Hand’s down, everything on this list is great, but this is the most exciting new product in the Medshop Australia lineup. Cherokee recently updated their scrubs, offering some modern materials and cuts for modern medical practitioners. The best part it, Cherokee brand scrubs don’t cost a pint of blood to purchase. Your favourite nurse can’t have too many pairs of scrubs.   


Nursing Shoes - $26.07 and up


Right next door to scrubs (or downstairs if you prefer the visual) a pair of nursing shoes can make the difference between a good day at work and a tough one. Today’s nurses enjoy comfortable mould-injected clogs, which weight practically nothing, and still hold up kilometres later. Best of all, they clean up so easily.   


Silicone Fob Watch Kit - $25.45


Nurses need to know the time at any given moment for many reasons, but there aren’t always clocks in plain view. Pulling out a smartphone is difficult if one’s hands are soiled or occupied. To solve this, nurses stick with the tried and true nurse’s fob, which tells time upside down from their lapel so all they have to do is glance down. This fabulous kit comes in five different colour fobs so they choose a different one every day.


Prestige Deluxe Lanyard - $21.33


These lovely, butterfly-beaded lanyards from Prestige come with magnetic breakaway safety clasps. Rather than the old boring lanyard hanging around, these lanyards lend a little personality in a professional package. There three different styles from which to choose.


Stethoscope - $17.50 and up


Most first time buyers are blown away to learn they can purchase a stethoscope for less than $20. Prices definitely go up from there, but even the entry-level stethoscope does a competent job. Medshop Australia offers more colours and styles than you can imagine so start digging now. Even the nurse who has everything will welcome a back-up or even better, an upgraded stethoscope.


Bi-Functional Penlight - $15.00


This little stroke of genius allows a nurse to take notes and produce light anywhere, anytime. Most will use it for looking down throat and such, but you’d be amazed how often a quick-access light can come in handy. Medshop Australia offers seven colours and free engraving.


Anatomical Human Body Cube Book - $12.07


If the Cherokee Scrubs are the most exciting functional item on this list, then the Anatomical Human Cube Book is the most exciting fun item. The cube is pretty functional too, full of details on the human body in a pleasant, interactive format. This gift will even entertain the non-nurses in your life, anyone with a fascination for the human body.


Syringe Highlighter Multi-Pack - $5.10


Three words best describe this gift: cool, cool, and cool. One receives not a single highlighter, but six in different colours. The best part is they look like medical syringes. For nurses or medical professionals who work with children, these are a quick distraction from potential stress.


Retractable ID Tag - $2.25


It must be five-million times a day that nurses need their ID tag to open a door or perform some security function. Most employers give them some sort of fixed ID holder, but the retractable holder makes work life so much better. There’s no fishing for tags, unclipping, clipping, losing... none of that. Plus, Medshop Australia offers ten colour versions of this colourful gift.

Whew! There you go...

Best not wait too long with postal carriers getting backed up and all. We can’t guarantee this item will be in stock after everyone reads this blog, so...

Happy Holidays and happy shopping from the crew at Medshop Australia.

Nurses and nursing students: You know what to do with this list. Send the link to the Facebook post or this blog URL. Make sure to give your family a hand with colors, sizes, engraving details. It will save everyone a ton of a headache, starting with you. Start the new year with new gear. You deserve it. You may just need it.

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