How to Find Slimming Scrubs

Scrubs are the go-to workwear choice for medical professionals around the world. Comfortable and practical, they’re easy to change, easy to work in and suitable for healthcare workers operating in all areas of medicine.

However, while scrubs are undoubtedly a sensible and pragmatic choice of apparel for hardworking medical professionals, they’re not always very flattering. In fact, a lot of the time scrubs are designed to be baggy and loose in order to maximise air flow and manoeuvrability. While this oversized look might be great for some people, others prefer an outfit that’s going to complement their body shape and make them feel confident in the workplace.

If you’re one of the millions of healthcare professionals who wants to look good while caring for your patients, take a look at our top tips for selecting slimming scrubs.

Choose the Correct Size

The first step in choosing slimming scrubs is to find an outfit in the correct size. After all, if you wear scrubs that are too big, they can make you look larger than you are and definitely won’t flatter your figure. On the other hand, if you go too small, your scrubs could pull and pinch around your curves, leaving you feeling self-conscious and far from comfortable.

So, when looking for new slimming scrubs, make sure you choose an outfit that’s the right size. If you’re not sure what size you need, check with the manufacturer or retailer to find out more about the product’s dimensions, or try on some of your colleagues’ scrubs to get an idea of the size that suits you best.

Find Scrubs with a Slim Fit

Cherokee Scrubs Top 2XL Cherokee Workwear Revolution WW620 Scrubs Top Women's V-Neck Pewter

Scrubs with a slim fit are instantly more flattering than those with a loose, boxy cut. A lot of slimming womens scrubs are designed to be narrower at the waist. This type of cut is generally very flattering for people of all shapes and sizes.

If you do decide to go for a slim fit, it’s essential you check the sizes first. If the waist is too tight, this popular cut can have the opposite effect and make you look and feel larger than you are. Most manufacturers offer a range of sizes, so it should be easy to find slimming scrubs for plus size women as well as women with a more athletic body shape.

Slimming Scrubs for Men

Cherokee Scrubs Top Cherokee Workwear 4876 Scrubs Top Unisex V-Neck Navy

While women have a choice of slim fit scrubs available, most men’s scrubs are designed to be loose fitting and it can be difficult to find a flattering cut. If you’re looking for men’s scrubs that will look slim and trim, the best thing to do is avoid large sizes and get a set that fits you perfectly. 

A good way to check if your scrubs are the right size is to look at the shoulder seams. These seams should sit right on top of your shoulders. If they hang down onto your arms, your scrubs are probably too big and you should go for a size smaller. Men’s slimming stylish set scrubs come in a good choice of colours and styles, so you should be able to find an outfit that suits your build.

Choose Scrubs with Added Detail

Cherokee Scrubs Top 2XL Cherokee Infinity 2625A Scrubs Top Women's Mock Wrap Black

A little added detail can distract from any lumps or bumps and make your slimming scrubs a lot more flattering. Little design touches, like a mock wrap or eye-catching print, can draw the eye away from any curves you’re self-conscious of and make your scrubs look more attractive. 

Stretchy printed slimming scrubs are another good option for healthcare workers. Stretchy scrubs, as long as they’re not too tight, can be very flattering, so it’s something to consider if you’re looking for a slimming outfit. 

Choosing a scrub top with pockets can be another good option if you want to make your outfit a little more flattering. A good way to distract from your tummy, slimming scrubs with pockets will add detail and practicality to your look. Just make sure not to overfill your pockets as this could make your waistline appear bulkier than it is.

What’s the Best Colour for Slimming Scrubs Uniforms? 

Cherokee Scrubs Top 2XL Cherokee Infinity CK900A Scrubs Top Men's V-Neck BlackColour has a big impact on how slimming your scrubs appear. In general, the most slimming scrubs are those made from darker textiles. On the whole, dark shades are more flattering than lighter tones. Wearing dark blue and black scrubs will make your silhouette appear smaller and more svelte. Dark scrubs have the added bonus of hiding stains and marks, so you’ll look smarter even when you’re working hard all day on the ward.

Try to choose scrub tops and bottoms in the same shade as a block colour look will be more slimming than a two-tone outfit. If you do want to add a splash of colour, choose a rich, dark burgundy, royal blue or even a purple scrub top. These bold tones will help your look to really pop and bring a bit of fun to your workplace.

Alternatively, add a scrub jacket to your outfit to draw the eye away from your curves, introduce a bit of colour to your uniform and make your look that little bit different. 

Millions of healthcare workers around the world wear scrubs to work every single day. Choosing a pair that’s slimming as well as comfortable will ensure that you look good and feel great when you’re working hard caring for your patients. Find out more, and start shopping for the perfect scrubs for your body shape, by exploring our collection today.

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