Dansko vs Sanita – Who Has the Best Clogs?

Dansko vs Sanita – Who Has the Best Clogs?

Carolyn Cumper

Carolyn Cumper

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February 18, 2021

Sanita and Dansko are two of the best known names in footwear regularly associated with work shoes in healthcare settings. Both produce some of the most comfortable, durable and practical professional clogs, trainers and slippers around. In fact, whatever your profession, both of these companies have helped millions of people across the world to stay on their feet throughout the working day.

Both Sanita and Dansko offer a broad range of high-quality shoes that are specially designed for people who spend long hours on their feet. As a result, the Dansko vs Sanita debate is common among nurses, doctors, carers, teachers and other hard working professionals. Buyers want to know which brand offers the best value for money, which clogs offer the best durability, and whether Dansko or Sanita shoes are more comfortable—after all, no one wants to be dealing with blisters at the end of a long shift on the wards. 

So, if you’re currently on the lookout for comfortable shoes designed for the rigours of the healthcare industry, there’s a good chance that both Dansko and Sanita have made your shortlist. To help you decide which clogs, trainers or slippers are right for you, we’re taking an in-depth look at the differences between the brands and finding out if Dansko or Sanita is better.

Sanita vs Dansko – What's the Difference 

One of the main differences between Sanita and Dansko is the age of the brands. While Sanita was founded in Denmark way back in 1907, Dansko started out life just three decades ago in 1990.

The shoes that inspired Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup to found Dansko were Danish clogs, exactly like those made by Sanita, and in fact ‘Dansko’ means ‘Danish shoe’. The couple decided that these comfortable, high-quality clogs were exactly what professionals in the US were looking for and so took as many pairs back to the States with them as they could carry. Their friends and colleagues loved the clogs and a new shoe company was born. Suddenly, a pair of Danskos was everything the modern professional needed in a roomy and slip-resistant shoe!

Sanita has a far longer history. The brand traces its roots back to Herning, Denmark where Christen Meldgaard Andersen opened his first shoe shop. The cobbler specialised in making comfortable, durable shoes for local masons, farmers, and bakers. In fact, his shoes were so good that the company quickly grew and soon had earned a reputation across Europe for its oiled leather clogs. 

For a number of years, Dansko and Sanita worked in partnership. This has caused many people to confuse the two brands and ask if Dansko and Sanita are the same company. However, a few years ago, the brands decided to part ways, and today, there’s a lot more separation between the businesses and their products.

Dansko now produces a portion of its professional shoes in Asia and the rest in Europe. Sanita on the other hand has kept true to its European shoe-making heritage and still produces its footwear in Poland.

 Are Sanita and Dansko Sizes the Same?


Sanita Clogs Clogs Blue / 36 Sanita Wave Leather Clogs with Carbon Style Open Heel

As most people who invest in professional footwear spend a lot of time on their feet, it’s important to get the sizing and fit just right—and this means looking at both your insole and your outsole. When you try the Dansko vs Sanita fit, you’ll see that both brands manufacture their shoes with comfort in mind. Both are made for a medium/wide foot and both are designed with arch support and comfortable footbeds straight out of the box. Additionally, both brands prioritise a broader heel base to prevent ankle rolling, something which is highly important while on the wards! 

So, do Dansko and Sanita fit the same? Well, not exactly. Sanita is currently transitioning from a leather insole to a padded microfibre insole in all of its styles. This has resulted in a cosier fit and snugger feel. Dansko shoes on the other hand are designed to be medium-width, this means that some wearers may find the footwear a little loose.  

Both open back Sanita clogs and open back Dansko clogs feature a wider heel designed to allow a finger-width of space between the heel of the foot and the heel of the shoe. In both cases, the toes should meet the front of the clog. If you opt for clogs with a closed heel, the back of the shoe should still have a loose fit and be able to move up and down freely.

Both Dansko and Sanita have size charts for men and women. This is to allow for differences in the width and fit of men’s and women’s shoes and to ensure that wearers are able to find the size that’s most comfortable for them.

If you’re still unsure about Dansko vs Sanita sizing, take a look at the Sanita size guide to ensure you find the shoe that’s just right for you.


Dansko vs Sanita Clogs

Dansko and Sanita are both best known for their high quality, Danish-style clogs. These comfortable, durable shoes are ideal for nurses, carers, teachers and other professionals that spend long periods of time on their feet. Both Dansko and Sanita clogs are made from hard wearing materials and both are designed to provide maximum comfort.

Sanita clogs however go one step further. Their special design trains the foot and leg muscles, activates the vein valve and prevents cramps. Standing still in Sanita clogs relieves the pressure on the legs and back and prevents the aches and pains that are commonly associated with prolonged periods on the feet. This makes them ideal for people in a range of professions.


Affordability of Dansko Compared to Sanita

Affordability is always important when investing in any kind of footwear. Especially when it comes to shoes you’ll be wearing day in, day out. Professionals want to know that, as well as being affordable, the shoes they buy will withstand heavy use, look smart at the end of a long shift and remain comfortable even when worn every day.

In general, Sanita clogs are a lot more affordable than comparable Dansko professional styles. Even though they are made by specially trained cobblers at the brand’s workshop in Poland, Sanita shoes offer excellent value for money. This makes Sanita clogs a very popular choice for professionals who want to get high-quality shoes for an affordable price.

Though Dansko professional clogs are good, their price point makes them a less attractive option for many. Sanita clogs are as good as Dansko whilst being more affordable. As a result, many professionals opt for the Danish brand over its American rival.


Choice of Styles Dansko vs. Sanita


Another area where Sanita compares particularly well with Dansko is when it comes to style. When you look at Dansko clogs vs Sanita footwear you’ll see that Sanita has a much wider choice of colours and styles. 

As well as its standard range of high quality clogs, the brand also offers professional knit shoes, leather upper clogs with a carbon style closed heel and colourful open back clogs that are ideal for people working with children. This wide choice makes it easy to find the shoes that are perfect for your feet and your profession.


Which Has Better Availability, Dansko or Sanita?

 Both Dansko and Sanita shoes are available from professional footwear suppliers in countries around the world. In general, Sanita shoes are easier to find and the brand often has a better choice of styles and sizes available from online retailers. This ease of availability is another reason that Sanita clogs and shoes are more popular with hardworking professionals. 


The Quality of Dansko Clogs vs Sanita Clogs

Because of the price difference between the two brands, a lot of people ask if Sanita is the same as Dansko when it comes to quality. In short, the answer is yes. Like Dansko, Sanita uses high-quality materials such as polyurethane and patent leather, and it also uses advanced technologies such as memory foam and other materials for shock absorption. Each pair of Sanita shoes is also manufactured by specially trained cobblers to ensure that each pair of clogs that leaves its workshop is up to standard.

Because a number of elements that go into Sanita clogs are handmade, there may be some variation between pairs of shoes. If you’re used to wearing Sanita clogs or shoes, you may notice that a new pair fits slightly more snuggly, or more loosely, than a previous pair. However, as this variation is generally very small, any differences should be minor.

The more time you spend on your feet, the more important it is to invest in high quality footwear. Because both Sanita and Dansko footwear is specially designed for professionals that spend a considerable amount of time on their feet, they’re ideal for nurses, doctors, teachers, carers and other people with active careers.  

To find out more about the importance of comfortable, long lasting footwear, and to browse our range of beautifully made clogs and shoes, explore our site today. Additionally, whether you work with children or adult patients, whether you're in ICU or on the wards, here at Medshop we're committed to helping you find the right equipment for your role. Browse the Medshop store today and stay tuned to the Medshop blog for more information on all kinds of medical equipment.


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