5 of the Best Online Courses for Medical Students & Professionals

5 of the Best Online Courses for Medical Students & Professionals

Carolyn Cumper

Carolyn Cumper

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December 8, 2022

Whether you’re just out of high school you’re a fully trained nurse looking to gain access to specialised professions, online courses for medical students of all ages provide a great way for you to learn the knowledge and skills you need to go further in your career.

In fact, with such as wealth of educational resources available online, you can study from the comfort of home, at your own pace, and still receive recognised certification that can help you in your career. So, stay tuned if you’re asking what medical courses can i take online?


Medical Ventilation for COVID-19 – Harvard University (edX)

 With the worldwide impact of COVID still making its presence felt, quickly learning some of the most important skills to fight the most dangerous symptoms has been crucial. For licensed clinicians in intensive care units this means being able to pass on knowledge to nurses, physicians, therapists, and others who are caring for the affected patients.

The course is free of charge and can be useful for medical students too, as they can learn the basics of medical ventilation and understand some of the elements that go into aftercare of patients.

  • Online and 100% free
  • Study at your own pace
  • 2-5 hours per week
  • Certified


Become an EMT — The University of Colorado (Coursera)

Caring for patients both before and after they reach the hospital is crucial to their recovery, and EMT units play a huge role in this effort. To help EMTs deliver the right kind of care, the first part of this 7-month course teaches how to assess an emergency, implementing the framework for patient assessment, preparing the right care, and learning the background of emergency medical services.

Part two focusses o breathing, circulation, medication, and identifying diabetic and stroke patients, while the third part looks at CPR, toxicology, and wilderness emergency procedures. Parts four and five then go on to focus on trauma skills and infants and paediatrics.

  • Online and 100% free
  • Certified
  • Flexible schedules
  • Seven months course


Career 911 – You Future Job in Medicine and Healthcare (Coursera)

This free online medical courses for high school students is ideal for those just leaving school and who are interested in entering the healthcare industry. Boasting talks and lectures from healthcare professionals, as well as numerous ideas and strategies to help you navigate your way through the education system and the industry, this excellent tool can help you make an informed decision on what your future may look like—not to mention it will look fantastic on you CV.

 Online and 100% free

  • 19 hours to complete
  • Certified
  • More than 50 guests and lecturers


Systems Thinking in Public Health — John Hopkins University (Coursera)

 As one of the best medical online courses for policy makers and managers, Systems Thinking in Public health provides an overview of the complex and problematic areas of policy and programme creation in light of the many stakeholders involved.

Delivering critical tools and knowledge that aim to disrupt linear and abstractive thinking, the lectures are highly informative, analytical, finely structured, and focussed, giving you new insights into areas that can be highly complex. 

  • Online and 100% free
  • Certified
  • Flexible deadlines
  • 15 hours to complete 


Medical Terminology – DoaneX (edX) 

This free online courses for medical students with a certificate is a fantastic resource to help brush up on the wealth of complex medical terminology that you need to learn. The course aims to teach vocabulary with a focus on roots (or stem words), prefixes, suffixes, and abbreviations. 

Covering the full gamut of medical terminology, from antonymy though physiology to pathology and diagnostics systems, the course delivers a comprehensive introduction that will allow medical student to communicate efficiently in healthcare settings. 

  • Online and 100% free
  • Certified
  • Self-paced
  • 8 weeks, 5-10 hours per week 

Health Care Innovation – The University of Pennsylvania (Coursera) 

Among the best online courses for doctors, nurses, and management, who are constantly looking to innovate and streamline their respective fields, Health Care Innovation from PENN aims to teach practical knowledge of operations management and economic frameworks in health care settings.

In turn, this allows scope for future innovation while managing risk in the real world. Flexible and taught by experts in the field, this course is ideal for anyone who wants to push their career forward through innovation. 

  • Online and 100% free
  • Certified
  • Set your own page
  • Videos and Lectures
  • Quizzes and graded assignments 

Of course, this is just a small selection of thousands of available courses online, and whatever your chosen specialism, you’re sure to find everything you need—either for free or for a small price. However, for even more free information on the healthcare industry, make sure you check out our resource guide and blog, as well as our nurses salary guide so you can aim high and achiever even higher!  


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