Welch Allyn Nellcor and Masimo Accessories


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Welch Allyn Nellcor and Masimo Accessories

Accessories for Spot Vital Signs LXi Devices:

Product Code Product Description
D-YS Dura-Y Oxygen Transducer (1 Sensor and 40 Wraps)
D-YSE Ear Clip (use with Dura-Y sensor)
D-YSPD PediCheck Paediatric Spot Check (use with Dura-Y sensor)
Dec-04 Extension Cable, 1.2 metre
DS-100A Durasensor Adult Oxygen Transducer
OC-3 Oxicliq Sensor Cable
OXI-A/N Oxiband Adult / Neonatal Transducer (1 x Sensor and 50 Wraps )
OXI-P/I Oxiband Paediatric/Neonatal Transducer (1 x Sensor and 50 Wraps)
MAX-AI OxiMax Adult Sensor (Single Use, 24/Case)
MAX-PI OxiMax Paediatric Sensor (Single Use, 24/Case)
MAX-II OxiMax Infant Sensor (Single Use, 24/Case)
MAX-RI OxiMax Adult Nasal Sensor (24/Case)
LNCS-DCI Adult Reusable Finger Sensor, 3ft
LNCS-DCIP Paediatric Reusable Finger Sensor, 3ft
LNCS-ADTX Adult Adhesive Finger Sensors, 20/Box
LNCS-PDTX Paediatric Adhesive Finger Sensors, 20/Box
LNCS-INF-L Infant Adhesive Sensors, 20/Box