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LIFEPAK EDGE System electrodes QUIK-COMBO connect REDI-PAK pre-connec

Lifepak UnavailableLIFEPAK EDGE System electrodes QUIK-COMBO connect REDI-PAK pre-connec
Lifepak UnavailableLIFEPAK EDGE System electrodes QUIK-COMBO connect REDI-PAK pre-connec
Lifepak UnavailableLIFEPAK EDGE System electrodes QUIK-COMBO connect REDI-PAK pre-connec

LIFEPAK EDGE System electrodes QUIK-COMBO connect REDI-PAK pre-connec



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LIFEPAK EDGE System Electrodes QUIK-COMBO Connect REDI-PAK Pre-connect

The LIFEPAK EDGE System Electrodes with QUIK-COMBO Connect REDI-PAK Pre-connect are a cutting-edge solution designed for use with LIFEPAK defibrillators. These electrodes are engineered to provide rapid and reliable connection for defibrillation, pacing, and ECG monitoring. The pre-connected design ensures that the electrodes are ready for immediate use, minimizing the time to defibrillation and potentially improving patient outcomes.

Technical Specifications:
- Compatibility: Designed for use with LIFEPAK defibrillators, including the LIFEPAK 12, LIFEPAK 15, and LIFEPAK 20e.
- Pre-connected System: REDI-PAK pre-connect system allows electrodes to be pre-connected without breaking the package seal, which maintains electrode readiness.
- QUIK-COMBO Connector: Facilitates quick and secure attachment to the defibrillator, ensuring a stable connection for therapy delivery.
- Edge System Technology: Incorporates advanced materials and adhesive technology for optimal skin coupling and reduced transthoracic impedance.
- Shelf Life: Extended shelf life to reduce the frequency of electrode replacement and ensure availability during critical situations.
- Hydrogel Adhesive: High-quality hydrogel provides strong adhesion to the patient's skin, ensuring reliable signal acquisition and therapy delivery.
- Multi-Function: Capable of defibrillation, pacing, and ECG monitoring to support a wide range of emergency interventions.

Common Applications and User Groups:
- Emergency Medical Services (EMS): Paramedics and emergency medical technicians who require quick and reliable equipment for pre-hospital care.
- Hospitals: Critical care and emergency department personnel, including physicians and nurses, who need dependable electrodes for cardiac life support.
- Military Medical Units: Combat medics and field hospitals that demand rugged and ready-to-use medical components in challenging environments.
- Public Access Defibrillation Programs: Trained lay responders in workplaces, airports, and community centers equipped with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

Lifepak, a brand of Stryker, is a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of medical devices for emergency care and resuscitation. With decades of innovation and expertise in the field, Lifepak has established itself as an authority in the product category of defibrillation and life support. Their commitment to quality, reliability, and clinical research ensures that their products, including the LIFEPAK EDGE System Electrodes, meet the highest standards for clinical effectiveness and patient safety. Lifepak's dedication to advancing emergency care technology makes them a trusted partner for healthcare professionals around the world.


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