Surgiseal Skin Closures & Adhesives SURGISEAL Topical Skin Adhesive Glue .35mL
Surgiseal Skin Closures & Adhesives SURGISEAL Topical Skin Adhesive Glue .35mL
Surgiseal Skin Closures & Adhesives SURGISEAL Topical Skin Adhesive Glue .35mL
"glued my ear lobe back thank you hope it stays glued"  says Esther Shagrin

SURGISEAL Topical Skin Adhesive Glue .35mL




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SURGISEAL Topical Skin Adhesive Glue .35mL

SURGISEAL Topical Skin Adhesive Glue is a state-of-the-art medical adhesive designed for the closure of surgical incisions and simple lacerations. This product offers a secure and efficient alternative to traditional sutures and staples, minimizing the risk of infection and improving the cosmetic outcome of the wound.

Product Specifications:
- Volume: .35mL per applicator
- Sterile, single-use applicators
- Fast polymerization time for quick wound closure
- High tensile strength for durable wound support
- Flexible and comfortable for patients
- Provides a microbial barrier to protect the wound
- Suitable for a variety of incision sizes
- Easy to apply with precision applicator tip

Common Applications:
- Emergency departments for laceration repair
- Operating rooms for post-surgical incision closure
- Outpatient surgical centers
- Clinics and general practice settings
- Pediatrics for minimally invasive procedures

User Groups:
- Surgeons
- Emergency Medicine Physicians
- Dermatologists
- Pediatricians
- General Practitioners
- Nurses and Physician Assistants

Company Overview:
Surgiseal is a renowned supplier in the medical adhesive industry, leveraging advanced technology to create products that meet the rigorous demands of modern medicine. With a focus on innovation, patient safety, and clinical effectiveness, Surgiseal has established itself as an authority in the field of topical skin adhesives. Their commitment to quality and continuous improvement ensures that healthcare professionals can trust Surgiseal products for a wide range of medical applications.


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