Spirit CK-601PF-03 Grandeur Series Stethoscope Classic

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Spirit CK-601PF-03 Grandeur Series Stethoscope Classic


  • Zinc alloy dual head chestpiece
  • Binaural assembly with flexible tubing
  • Colour-coordinated retaining and non-chill rings and eartips
  • Overall length 78 cm
  • 2 sets of spare eartips and a spare diaphragm included

The Grandeur Series Adult Dual Head Stethoscope is the perfect diagnostic instrument with superior acoustic sensitivity. The pressure sensitive diaphragm provides greater amplification and crisper high frequency response. Our stethoscopes are also designed to maximise the comfort in wearing and acoustic seal with the deluxe soft ear tip.

Latex-free PVC tubing and binaural fixed at 15º angle provide greater comfort and durability. Variety of colours and chestpiece finishes are also available, offering wide ranges of combinations that satisfy your aesthetics.  

Dual head chestpiece design offers a pressure sensitive diagnosis, allowing clearer diagnosis of both high and low frequency sounds without having to change sides, as with standard stethoscopes. Healthcare workers can choose to access different frequency of sounds by pressing on the chestpiece or switching the turnable chestpiece.

Press the chestpiece lightly enables low frequency sound to be heard, while high frequency sound can be heard by pressing the chestpiece firmly. Health care workers can also choose to hear higher frequency sounds by switching the sound indicator of the turnable chestpiece. This feature allows medical personnel to save time changing the chestpiece while providing diagnosis with more precision.