Spencer Paediatric Immobilisation and Transport System

by: Spencer
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Spencer Paediatric Immobilisation and Transport System

Combines cervical stabilisation with an immobilisation system for transport. Designed for children of a weight up to 30 kg [66 lbs] and of a height between 60 and 120 cm [between 23.62 and 47.24 in].

The abdominal, shoulder and thorax belts, can be varied in length and the use of self-adherent strips makes the control of the breathing and of the heartbeat of the child easier.

The belts for the legs and ankles are joined to the board with triple stitching with the use of self-adherent strips for closure, and allow for a separate treatment and immobilisation of the lower limbs. The position of the belts can be varied to give the maximum of stability and comfort to the patient. The cover in SPEN-TEX is easily washed after use.

The self-adherent strips closings allow for the easy removal of the cover for machine washing. Five handles render both the lifting and transportation easier. The internal board of multi-layered birch is covered with marine paint to avoid impregnation of blood and other body fluids.

A layer of laminated, closed cell, polyurethane foam gives the board a natural alignment for the spine and increases the comfort of the patient.

Dimensions: 275 x 30 x h1230 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg

Load capacity: 30 kg