Spencer Combimatt Vacuum Transport Mattress

by: Spencer


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Spencer Combimatt Vacuum Transport Mattress

Finally the problem of stocking vacuum mattresses is solved. If used on one side the Combimatt is a soft mattress for stretchers, if used on the other side it is an excellent vacuum mattress with longitudinal canals containing the air chambers.

Used as a mattress for stretcher, Combimatt offers characteristics that optimise the transportation of the patient, as it absorbs all mechanical vibrations and improves thermal isolation. The on/off valve made of chromed brass with a built-in fitting for rubber tube is resistant to any temperature and guarantees unlimited duration.

Combimatt is supplied with three one-piece 50 mm nylon security belts with plastic buckle.

Dimensions: 2030 x 990 mm

Weight: 6.4 kg

Functioning temperature: from -10 to 50 C