Smith & Nephew Renasys-G Gauze with Soft Port



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Smith & Nephew Renasys-G Gauze with Soft Port

As part of the complete Smith & Nephew Renasys Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System, the Renasys gauze dressing kits help deliver customized therapy to even the most unique complexities of patients' wounds. The conformability and hydrophilic, non-adherent properties of the dressing kits make them well-suited for pain-sensitive areas, as well as irregularly shaped, tunneling and undermining wounds.

Why gauze?

Enhanced patient comfort

Gauze is ranked number one in patient comfort upon application and removal, and is suitable for most wound types and sizes.

High conformability

Gauze is moldable and forgiving, making it easy to apply to any wound. It is especially suited to anatomically challenging locations with abnormal contours or undermining, such as the sacrum. It is also ideal for large surface areas, explored fistulas and tunneling wounds.

Powerful healing outcomes

The antimicrobial properties of the Renasys gauze kits may help minimize the risk of infection, while the non-adherent material protects granulation tissue from trauma on removal. Gauze is also hydrophilic, enabling moist wound healing.


The Renasys Drain kits can be used as stand-alone conduits or in conjunction with a Renasys Soft Port to deliver NPWT options for the trained healthcare professional.

Renasys-G Gauze Dressing Kits may also be used in conjunction with Acticoat Flex, anflex with hand antimicrobial barrier dressing with a Nanocrystalline Silver coating, proven to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria in as little as 30 minutes