Smith & Nephew Biobrane Biosynthetic Wound Dressing




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Smith & Nephew Biobrane Biosynthetic Wound Dressing

Biobrane is a biosynthetic wound dressing constructed of a silicone film with a nylon fabric partially imbedded into the film. The fabric presents to the wound bed a complex 3-D structure of trifilament thread to which collagen has been chemically bound. Blood/sera clot in the nylon matrix, thereby firmly adhering the dressing to the wound until epithelialisation occurs. Smith & Nephew are now the exclusive international distributors for Biobrane. For more information contact your local Smith & Nephew customer service centre.

Biobrane complements Smith & Nephews existing burns products. The award winning Versajet Hydrosurgery System allows surgeons to preserve as much viable dermis as possible and Acticoat anti-microbial dressing can be used to prevent the possible risk of infection before or after Biobrane is used to progress the wound towards healing.

Biobrane offers Healthcare Professionals:

  • Wound visualisation
  • Quick and easy application
  • Reduced time to wound healing
  • Cost savings when compared with comparable treatments
  • Silicone barrier decreases the risk of infection

Biobrane offers the patient:

  • Reduction in pain when compared with traditional treatments
  • Relief from the physical and psychological trauma of silver sulfadiazine dressing changes
  • Increased mobility due to greater flexibility of the dressing
  • Barrier to exogenous contamination
  • Reduced healing time allows for a quicker discharge and return to active daily living


  • Reduces pain and trauma throughout the healing process
  • Allows for a quicker return to ADL (activities of daily living)
  • Provided cost-effective therapy and reduces the time involved in repeated dressing changes.


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