Scott Multifold Hand Towel

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SCOTT Compact and Multifold Towels

Kleenex compact and multifold towels are favoured products found in bathrooms Australia wide. Economical and convenient, Medshop Australia is proud to distribute replacement packs of compact and multifold towels along with compact towel dispensers.

•Each towel is made using the highly absorbent and quick drying Airflex technology
•The multifold design ensures only one towel is dispensed at a time; minimising contamination and waste
•These soft towels remain strong during use and do not break, even when wet
•Each FSC certified towel contains a sustainable mix of recycled and FSC fibres

Scott multifold towels are designed for high traffic washrooms where efficient hand drying is required without compromising on user satisfaction. The high capacity dispensers hold up to 600 towels at a time, requiring less frequent servicing and reducing the risk of run outs.

Dispensing one towel at a time enables a hygienic experience whilst also reducing waste and cost. Each 1-ply towel is manufactured with Airflex technology, enabling them to maintain their strength even when wet whilst ensuring they do not fall apart during use.

Scott multifold towels are ideal for use in busy washrooms such as offices, hospitals and public venues, where a superior hand drying performance and user satisfaction is key.

Made using a sustainable mix of recycled and FSC virgin fibres, Scott multifold towels are an environmentally friendly addition to your washroom. Scott hand towels form part of a wider range of washroom product by Kimberly-Clark Professional to meet all your washroom needs.