Schulke Mikrozid Surface Wipes

by: Schulke
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Pack of 120

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Schulke Mikrozid Surface Wipes

Pack/120 Each wipe is 20cm x 20cm

Application areas

Alcohol-based rapid disinfection and cleaning of wipeable surfaces with an increased risk of infection, where short contact times are required and where a material friendly disinfectant is needed, for example:

  • Patient and resident nearby surfaces
  • Patient and resident treatment areas
  • High touch surfaces
  • Examination tables and other nearby work surfaces
  • Surfaces of medical equipment
  • Keyboard or touch pads of sensitive communication equipment, such as smartphones or tablets 

Instructions for use

Perform hand hygiene before opening the softpack. Thoroughly wipe the surface with the impregnated cloth and allow to take effect. Make sure to wet surfaces completely and keep them wet for the whole exposure time. Make sure that all visible dirt is removed prior to disinfection. Make sure to close the lid tightly after use.

Not for final disinfection of semi-critical and critical medical devices.

If aligned with site policy, this product can be used without gloves.