Portex Choice 7mm Cuffed Tracheal Tube




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Portex Choice 7mm Portex Tracheal Tube

For short term intubation within the operating room.

Low pressure seal
The new Portex Tracheal Tube has a low pressure, high volume barrel cuff, reducing the risk of creasing on inflation and in turn minimising the pressure on the tracheal wall. The large cuff resting diameter relieves the pressure on the tracheal wall ensuring patient safety and comfort.

Easily identifiable

A blue radio-opaque line can be seen on the full length of the new Portex Tracheal Tube to allow the verification of tube positioning within the patient via X-ray. The tube is made out of clear, implant- tested PVC, therefore correct intubation is confirmed when the tube ‘mists’. All markings on the tube are clearly printed and include an intubation depth marker, vocal cord distal markings and an oral/nasal cut line.

Fully informed

The new Portex Tracheal tube incorporates a smooth edged pilot balloon that displays the size and maximum inflation pressure allowing for the relevant size to be identified, even when in situ. The balloon changes shape when inflated and contains a central channel so it will not collapse if the cuff needs to be deflated quickly in an emergency situation. The inflation line is blue to reduce the risk of being accidentally cut.

Superior smooth finish

Unlike some competitor tubes that contain a sharp, cold cut edge to the Murphy eye, the new Portex Tr acheal tube contains a smooth and polished Murphy eye. It also has been smoothed and fully blended to the cuff edge to minimise the risk of trauma to the patient during intubation. Smooth Murphy eye


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