Omron TENS Therapy Device HVF128

by: Omron


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Omron TENS Machine

The Omron HV-F128 is a premium TENS device from Omron and provides quick relief from muscle aches and neuralgia, improving blood circulation, relieving pain and increasing mobility to arthritic sufferers. This compact powerful TENS machine is small enough to fit into a pocket and is a simple to use T.E.N.S (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) electronic pulse massager with LCD display. With one touch operation, a person can easily select one of the 12 automatic therapy modes. The development of Omron's long life pads means that no messy gels are required to attach the pads to the skin. Now features a washable long life pad.

WARNING - The Omron HV-F128 is not designed for use above the neck or for individuals who have a pacemaker.

  • Relief of pain
  • Pre-gelled Long life pads.
  • Management of muscular injuries
  • LCD panel shows frequency and time remaining of therapy12 automatic therapy modes
  • High frequency stimulation to relieve pain quickly
  • Single channel device.


  • 12 Automatic Courses
  • Soothe and Relieve mode

6 Region Tens Machine Modes:

  • Arm
  • Joint
  • Shoulders
  • Sole
  • Leg
  • Waist

5 Special Tens Machine Modes:

  • Hyper mode
  • Soft mode
  • Repeat mode
  • Point and Wide mode
  • Balance adjustment

Omron TENS machine