Neuropen Neurological Testing Pen

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The only dual function screening device with replaceable monofilaments...

ÃFoot ulceration causes considerable morbidity among patients with diabetes mellitus and the amputation of a foot or leg remains its most dreaded consequenceÓ *

Peripheral neuropathy cannot be excluded without regular foot screening in conjunction with symptomatic and clinical assessments. Neuropen is an effective aid to this screening programme, meeting and exceeding current practices by being the first dual purpose, pocket size device designed to provide a safe and reliable test.

*Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 13 (1991) 63-68


Neurotip test

(1) for assessing reduced sensation to sharpness/ pain in small nerve fibres. The calibrated spring mechanism

(2) exerts a force of 40g to help assess patients

(3) Monofilament test for assessing protective touch/pressure sensation in large nerve fibres.

  • Sterile semi-sharp examination pin
  • Sharpness testing tip
  • Removable cap
  • Peripheral vision testing - The red and white Neurotips provide contrast when used for peripheral vision testing
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