MedCon Isolation Gowns White Med-Con Isolation Gown Elastic Cuff
MedCon Isolation Gowns White Med-Con Isolation Gown Elastic Cuff
MedCon Isolation Gowns White Med-Con Isolation Gown Elastic Cuff

Med-Con Isolation Gown Elastic Cuff




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Med-Con Isolation Gown Elastic Cuff

Protective single use isolation gowns in a variety of materials for all applications.

Isolation Gowns: This lightweight gown opens down the back and includes a waist and neck tie to firmly secure the garment closed. The cuffs are latex free elastic to comfortably gather the sleeves at the wrists and ensure the cuffs of gloves easily cover. Ideal use for the treatment of patients where a change of outer garment is required at each contact.


ARTG No. 109863

  • Microporous, breathable but offering good resistance against liquid penetration.
  • CPE laminate, an impervious material to many liquids.
  • Spunbond, lightweight, breathable, suited to dry applications.

Splashgowns: The CPE gown provides excellent protection against fine particles, aerosols, liquid sprays and body fluids. Totally lint free this gown will not contaminate any work environment. Individually wrapped and lightweight, easy to store or take to areas where needed. With a waist tie and slip over head opening, the gown is quick to put on and the thumb loops ensure sleeves stay in gloves.

Ideal disposable garment for critical areas requiring cross contamination control. The strong waterproof CPE 0.03mm film is soft and flexible yet provides an effective barrier for the wearer.


  • Unisize, thumb loop. Thumb loops to ensure sleeve cuffs stay in gloves
  • Tear back so gown maybe easily removed and inverted
  • Blue, yellow or red
  • Uni-size, Individually wrapped
  • Economical and Impervious

Disposable gowns protect the integrity of sensitive areas from contamination of clothing or the wearers clothes from external contamination. Protective in all clinical areas requiring cross contamination control. Available in Microporous (Finwebb), Spunbond, Laminated (water resistant,) CPE (impervious) Med-Con range.


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