LIEBHERR MediLine Vaccine Fridge 141L Glass Door - LKUv 1613

by: Liebherr
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LIEBHERR MediLine Vaccine Fridge 141L Glass Door

The LIEBHERR MediLine vaccinerefrigerators are purpose-built and QCPP compliant to meet the stringent standards needed by your pharmacy and medical practice to safely and securely store vaccines and medicines.

The LIEBHERR vaccine fridge range is German engineered and manufactured with high-quality materials in Austria. Investing in a LIEBHERR MediLine vaccine fridge gives you peace of mind, knowing that your vaccines and medicationsare protected.

There is an international push to reduce and replace ozone damaging refrigerants. This places LIEBHERR in a competitive position due to the use of non-HCFCs refrigerants (e.g. R290 and R600a). Under the “Montreal Protocol” (which the Australian Government is a signatory), there is a mandatory timetable for the phase out of these HCFC refrigerants. Click this link to view the Australian Government media release.

Features and Benefits:

  • Optimal storage of vaccines and medicines between 3°C to 8°C
  • Compliant to IEC/EN 60068-3 for temperature stability and consistency
  • Approved by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) for the safe and secure storage of valuable vaccines
  • The comfort electronic controller and external digital display allows for accurate temperature setting to 1/10 °C
  • Dynamic cooling system and effective insulation in conjunction with comfort electronic controller provides maximum temperature stability
  • 1-point calibration function allows for accurate temperature control
  • Safety thermostat prevents temperatures below 2°C
  • Integrated visual and audible alarms alert users when temperature limits are exceeded and when door is open for more than 1 minute or in an event of a power failure
  • The comfort electronic controller continuously logs maximum and minimum internal temperatures plus last three temperature alarms and power failures giving you peace of mind
  • Track and trace temperature profiles and alarm events by transfer of data to external monitoring system using RS 485 interface
  • Equipped with evaporator covers to prevent stored materials from possibly touching the evaporator and freezing
  • Fitted with a lock to protect vaccines and refrigerated medicines against unauthorised access
  • Use of HCFC-free refrigerant R 600a reduces greenhouse gas emissions and protects the environment
  • Energy efficient to reduce your running costs for the life of the refrigerator
  • Manufactured from high quality powder-coated stainless steel, rust and corrosion resistant in all conditions including humidity. Comparable or even a little better in resistance against corrosion compared to zinc/galvanized steel
  • 5-year Australian warranty (parts and labour) to protect your investment