Laryngoscope Fiber Optic Blades



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Laryngoscope Fiber Optic Blades

PSI Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades are modern, extremely reliable and durable quality instruments and correspond to the international standard DIN 58870. An efficient 4.5mm Xenon light guarantees an excellent illumination. The Xenon lamp is integrated in the handle of all PSI fibre-optic laryngoscopes. A good visibility increases the security for the doctor and patients at the intubation process. A wide range of blades of various sizes enables the adaptation to most difficult anatomical circumstances.

Size Ref Dimensions

0 - 0007 - 79mm x 13mm

1 - 0008 - 92mm x 18mm

2 - 0009 - 112mm x 19mm

3 - 0010 - 133mm x 22mm

4 - 0011 - 153mm x 21mm

5 - 0012 - 176mm x 23mm