Hydrofilm Transparent Film Dressings




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Hydrofilm Transparent Film Dressings

High MVTR transparent film dressing for reliable protection and fixation

Self-adhesive transparent film dressing made of a semi-permeable polyurethane film which is waterproof and impermeable to bacteria. With a hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive, the dressing can be removed atraumatically to avoid wound irritation.

NICE Guidelines (2008) state it is good clinical practice, unless otherwise clinically indicated, to cover a post-operative wound with an appropriate interactive dressing for a period of 48 hours. In the majority of clinical situations a semi-permeable film membrane with or without an absorbent island is preferable.

As protection from secondary infection and from physical irritants in dry, primary healing wounds, for almost healed epithelial wounds and for securing catheters and cannulae. Perfect for covering gel forming calcium alginate dressings, such as Sorbalgon.


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