Zoobooks Educational Human Body Cube
Zoobooks Educational Human Body Cube
"perfect for revision and something to play around with ."  says Maryveth Perez

Human Body Cube




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Human Body Cube Book

  • Fact-filled ready reference / revision cube
  • Follow the hands through the major body systems

Teaching children about the human body is about as easy as teaching adults the same information. The fascination wears off quickly. If only there were a way to make the information interactive, infused with simple terms and colourful images, then you would have something valuable.

Funny you should mention… The ZooBooKoo Human Body Cube book is exactly that and a little bit more. Right away, when you put your hands on The Human Body Cube, you know you’re holding something special. This isn’t your grade school nurse’s office chart, boring and static. It’s got colourful images. It has easy-to-understand words. It’s got moves!

For parents or proprietors of small clinics, the Human Body Cube is the sturdy and fun teaching tool for any age human. Unlike any anatomical chart that came before it, the Body Cube revolutionizes human body education with a simple concept.The most immediate difference between the Body Cube and other body charts is the hands-on design.

Charts up until this design have been two-dimensional designs, sitting flat on a wall. Even the best among them, exact and easy-to-read, are hands-off affairs. Unless you plan to pull the chart off your doctor’s wall, you’re stuck staring at a flat surface.

There’s just something about getting your hands on something that facilitates better learning. It could be that there are three learning pathways, auditory, visual or kinesthetic… If we spread out the prospective learning pathways evenly, 33 percent applied to each category, the Body Cube grabs another 33 percent of the learners with its hands-on design. It’s both visual and kinesthetic.

That means it’s twice as effective as a wall chart. Think of it like picking up a good book to read the intro… only to find that hours later you have no idea where the time went and why you’re still holding the book.


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