Elite Bags Elite PARAMED'S EVO
Elite Bags Elite PARAMED'S EVO
Elite Bags Elite PARAMED'S EVO




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Elite PARAMEDS EVO: Advanced Medical Support Backpack

The Elite PARAMEDS EVO is a medical backpack designed for the rigorous demands of paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs). This backpack is engineered to provide rapid access to medical supplies, ensuring that professionals can deliver life-saving care with efficiency and precision.

Technical Specifications:
- Material: High-Density, Water-Resistant Fabric for Durability in Harsh Conditions
- Dimensions: Optimized to Maximize Storage Space While Maintaining a Compact Profile
- Weight: Lightweight Design for Ease of Transport During Emergency Response
- Compartments: Multiple Configurable Pockets and Pouches for Organized Equipment Storage
- Accessibility: Quick-Release System for Immediate Access to Medical Components
- Comfort: Ergonomically Designed Straps and Back Panel for Reduced Fatigue in Prolonged Use
- Visibility: Reflective Strips for Increased Visibility in Low-Light Conditions

Weight (approx) 4.68kg
Dimensions (approx) 32×52×28cm
Material 1000D POLYESTER
Capacity (Liters) (approx.) 46.5L

Common Applications and User Groups:
- Emergency Medical Services (EMS): Ideal for First Responders and Ambulance Technicians
- Search and Rescue Operations: Suited for Wilderness Medics and Mountain Rescue Teams
- Event Medical Support: Perfect for Medical Personnel at Sports Events, Concerts, and Festivals
- Disaster Response: Essential for Medical Aid Workers in Natural Disasters and Catastrophic Events

Supplier Overview:
Elite Bags is a renowned supplier with a specialized focus on the design and manufacture of high-quality medical bags and emergency response solutions. With years of experience in the industry, Elite Bags has established itself as an authority, delivering products that meet the exacting standards of medical professionals worldwide. Their commitment to innovation, durability, and functionality makes them a trusted partner for healthcare providers in need of reliable medical carrying solutions. The Elite PARAMEDS EVO is a testament to their expertise, offering a superior product that enhances the capabilities of medical personnel in the field.


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