Clinell Spill Wipes Kit

by: Clinell


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Clinell Spill Wipes Kit

Clinell Spill Wipes are designed to make dealing with body fluid spills quick and easy. The pack contains one super absorbent, peracetic acid generating pad and two large disinfectant wipes. All within a re-sealable bag for the easy and safe disposal of waste.

The traditional body fluid spills protocol involves a lengthy procedure which requires the spill to be decontaminated with chlorine before the spill can be safely removed. This may be why compliance is very low with current chlorine blood spill kits. In addition, chlorine spill kits cannot be used on urine - meaning two different spill kits for blood and urine are necessary. With Clinell Spill Wipes you only need one.

Clinell Spill Wipes were created to make the entire process of dealing with body fluid spills easier and safer. They increase compliance in this necessary, yet often neglected, infection control procedure in a cost-effective manner.

Range of use:

  • Can be used to clean blood, vomit, urine and faecal spills and can be used on a range of equipment and surfaces, including floors and mattresses.
  • Soaks up to a litre of fluid.
  • Containsparasiticide to kill all bugs, including parasites.