BD Vacutainer Needles


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BD Vacutainer Needles

The BD Vacutainer system is optimally designed and tested for controlling pre-analytical variability throughout the specimen collection and handling process.

  • Sterile double-ended needle with a sleeve covered safety valve
  • Advanced low-angle bevel design and silicone lubricant coating ensures gentle and smooth vein entry
  • Draws blood directly from the vein into vacuum collection tubes to prevent exposure
  • Can be used with multiple collection tubes after venipuncture
  • Designed for use with BD Vacutainer tube holders and vacuum blood collection tubes

BDVacutainer Flashback Blood Collection Needles

Provides instant confirmation of needle placement through a visual flashback system. BD Vacutainer Flashback Blood Collection Needles are sterile, multi-sample needles with a safety valve and pre-attached BD tube holder. Available in several lengths and gauges.