Human Larynx With Tongue Model

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Human Larynx With Tongue Model

Anatomical Chart Company OTOLARYNGOLOGY Model

life-size model of the larynx with tongue, medially sectioned to show details of the larynx and cartilages, ligamentsmuscles, relief of mucous membrane and the thyroid gland.The front of the lower jaw is detachable and separates into 2 parts. The tongue may be removed and divides into 2 parts. The sublingual gland and the submandibular gland are shown. Dissects into 5 parts:tongue (2 parts)1/2 lower jaw frontlarynx sectioned medially (2 parts)Mounted on a base. Made of durable Somso-Plast,Size: 5" x 6' x 8"made in Germany by Somso Modelle

Dimensions - 5 x 6