Aeroban Elastic Tubular Bandages


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Aeroban Elastic Tubular Bandages

AEROBAN Tubular Bandages are held in place without tying or tapes, resulting in a comfortable long wearing bandage that provides even support across damaged joints and muscles. Its elastic self supporting properties result in a comfortable support bandage.

Product Code Description Size Items/Unit
AGB01 Tubular Bandage Size B x 1M unit/1
AGC01 Tubular Bandage Size C x 1M unit/1
AGD01 Tubular Bandage Size D x 1M unit/1
AGE01 Tubular Bandage Size E x 1M unit/1
AB0120 Tubular Bandage Size 01 x 20M unit/1
AB0120A Tubular Plastic Applicator Size 01 unit/1
AB0120AP Tubular Bandage with Plastic Applicator Size 01 x 20M unit/1