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Fresh Super Whiteley’s Super Concentrates


  • Superior WH&S benefits over traditional dispensing systems
  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Versatile & user-friendly colour coded identification system
  • Reduced labour costs through increased productivity
  • Simplified cleaning process – decreased inventory and training costs

Whiteley’s Super Concentrates range offers a complete cleaning system for healthcare, commercial and institutional facilities. Whiteley’s Super Concentrate Dispensers ensure accurate dilution across a wide range of water pressure – this allows for optimal cleaning performance. The dispensing units allow for easy monitoring of Super Concentrate bottles without opening the cabinet and includes select valve technology for dispensing multiple products.

The Super Concentrate range is designed to simplify the cleaning process, increase cleaning efficiency and maintain performance standards in institutions. Super Concentrates include a selection of neutral detergents, window & glass cleaner, air freshener and total bathroom cleaner. The Super Concentrates range offers cleaning professionals an integrated system that is versatile and user-friendly through quick colour identification of products, labels and cleaning charts.

WH&S Benefits:
    • Spill prevention bottle caps
    • Convenient product pack size
    • Reduced manual handling
    • Lockable chemical cabinets
    • Monitor product levels without opening cabinets
    • Non-hazardous products at end dilution

(as defined by Safework Australia)