3M Banded Hearing Protection Series


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3M Banded Hearing Protection Series

The classification of Hearing Protectors in Australia under AS/NZS1270:2002 relies on their performance in a subject fit real – ear attenuation test.

The outcome of this test is an SLC80 value, used to determine the Class of the hearing protector. The SLC80 (Sound Level Conversion) is a single number rating commonly used in Australia and New Zealand to compare the acoustic performance of hearing protectors.

The subscript '80' indicates that in well-managed hearing protector programs, the protection provided is expected to equal or exceed the SLC80 in 80% of protector-wearer noise spectrum combinations.

AS/NZS Class: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5

Exposure Levels:

  • 85 < 90dB
  • 90 < 95dB
  • 95 < 100dB
  • 100 < 105dB
  • 105 < 110dB
  • > 110dB (LA eq 8hr)