What Does the Future of the Nursing Profession Look Like in Australia?

The bottom line is, there will always be a need for dedicated, professional nurses in Australia. However, it is likely that demand will outstrip supply when it comes to labour, with predictions suggesting a shortfall of 85,000 staff by 2025. This is, in part, due to rising populations and ageing demographics, with people living longer lives and requiring higher levels of healthcare as they age.

Today, in a comprehensive workforce modelling report, the Australian Government and healthcare system hopes to reduce this shortfall to approximately 35,000 by 2025 through a range of measures. It is hoped, that as demands increase more nurses can be encouraged to take up the profession at the beginning of their careers, more nurses can be retrained in areas of particularly high demand, and more student and fully trained nurses can be brought into the Australian healthcare system from abroad.

Whatever the direction the Australian government takes, for anyone looking to get started within the industry or retrain as a Registered Nurse, job security is a highly important consideration. Thankfully, with demand constantly rising and calls for nurses and other medical professionals to receive higher salaries, the nursing profession will always be a reliable option for anyone with an interest in healthcare.

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