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Steven John Cumper, B.App.SC. (Osteo.), M.Ost., is a businessman with a solid foundation in biomedical science and osteopathic medicine.

Born in 1984, in Zimbabwe, Cumper's early years were spent in the United Kingdom at Millfield School, where he represented the UK as a junior swimmer. His academic pursuits later led him to Australia, where he attended RMIT University and earned a double degree in Biomedical Science and Osteopathic Medicine, followed by a Masters in Osteopathy.

Steven Cumper Medshop Founder

While studying at RMIT, Cumper saw an opportunity to serve the Australian market through e-commerce, leading to the founding of Medshop. His dedication to business enabled Medshop to grow steadily, eventually reaching markets in Papua New Guinea through a joint venture with International SOS.

Under Cumper's stewardship, Medshop further expanded its presence, establishing operations in Singapore and Malaysia. This growth did not go unnoticed, leading to the Bunzl Group acquiring a majority interest in Medshop in September 2021. Following this development, Cumper chose to remain involved with the company, retaining a shareholding and accepting the role of Managing Director (Medshop Group).

Cumper's journey from Zimbabwe, through the United Kingdom, and finally to Australia, has been marked by a humble yet determined approach to both his academic and entrepreneurial endeavors. His background in Biomedical Science and Osteopathic Medicine, along with his success in the e-commerce sector, speaks volumes about his ability to bring together diverse areas of knowledge and experience.

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