Student Supplies – Welch Allyn at the Top of the Pile

When it comes to student supplies, there’s one name that usually stands out from the crowd—Welch Allyn. With more than a century of innovation and experience in the field of medical equipment, it is perhaps no surprise that this particular brand should hold such sway with students around the world. However, when it comes to the range of Welch Allyn student supplies, this celebrated brand certainly has much more to fall back on than a simple legacy.

Welch Allyn prides itself on its use of superior materials and an uncompromising build quality offered at prices students can afford. What’s more, a wealth of other useful resources is available to students who take advantage of Welch Allyn’s student schemes. This is one of the reasons that Welch Allyn equipment is found across a huge range of applications in the healthcare industry. In fact, if you don’t already own a piece of Welch Allyn student equipment, then we’re pretty sure that you will before too long. Here then, we take a look at what makes Welch Allyn a favourite for students and schools everywhere.  

High-Quality Equipment That’s Built to Last

Welch Allyn prides itself on manufacturing high quality equipment and accessories that are built to last. This is particularly important for students, as rugged and durable build quality is among the biggest USPs for equipment that is likely to see a lot of use. After all, a sphygmomanometer or stethoscope that breaks on its first impact with the floor is of no use to a cash-strapped student.

Welch Allyn’s student medical equipment is built to the same exacting standards as the rest of its catalogue, with reliability and durability a key component of their catalogue. Additionally, accuracy and performance under even the toughest conditions are guaranteed with any Welch Allyn equipment, with free factory resets and calibration available for products that require it.

Student Warranties

Durability is an important consideration for all users, although perhaps more so for students who cannot so easily replace broken items. Thankfully, Welch Allyn has a set up a dedicated student warranty system that provides extra cover for student equipment. Welch Allyn’s unconditional guarantee on its products provides cover for the entirety of your studies plus the first two years of residency.

This guarantee covers against failure and ensures student equipment is always functioning as it should, with the guarantee even extending as far as replaceable lamps found in certain products. Students can rely on Welch Allyn products the entire duration of their, with no-quibble repairs or replacements available. Registering warranties for student equipment is quick and simple through the Welch Allyn website—you simply need to fill out the warranty form here.

Student Pricing System

Welch Allyn’s student discount scheme is among its biggest advantages. Naturally, you will need to prove that you are currently studying in order to be eligible for the discount scheme, however, savings on Welch Allyn student packs and other equipment can be quite significant. Additionally, there is a broad catalogue of products available to ensure students have access to the equipment they need at a price they can afford.

Students purchasing Welch Allyn equipment will receive the best possible pricing on diagnostic sets, blood pressure devices, stethoscopes and much more. This enable students to build foundational toolsets of high-quality equipment that will last for many years—and that won’t break the bank.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning

In addition to the Welch Allyn student discount and a pride in manufacturing only the best equipment, the company is also committed to lifelong learning. Anyone who purchases Welch Allyn student economy diagnostic sets or other equipment from the range enjoys unrestricted access to a large library of learning materials and resources. This includes both on-demand learning and other materials found on the website

Welch Allyn’s Diagnosis 101 provides students with a large range of patient exams, alongside information on the anatomy and pathology of the eye, ear, heart and lungs. This useful resource is a great reference point for students, putting a wealth of information together in a single, central hub for convenience. In addition to this, the Welch Allyn website also features a Clinical Insights section that provides access to clinical research and evidence alongside a host of regular webinars and articles.


While the quality and reliability of Welch Allyn’s student equipment is always an important factor, the company’s commitment to students and lifelong learning is perhaps what helps it to really stand out from the crowd. With comprehensive guarantees and service agreements, alongside a wealth of educational resources, students can count on Welch Allyn for a support in a variety of different ways. It is clear then, that student’s purchasing Welch Allyn equipment can expect the very best service throughout their studies and even extending into the first years of residency.

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