Student Nursing Kits — A Budget-Friendly Way to Get Everything You Need

Studying medicine is time consuming enough without having to spend hours worrying about which is the best student nursing kit for you. Enrolling on the path to becoming a nurse is a big step, and fees for undergrad courses can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Not only will you be expected to put in the hours on your theoretical studies, but a large portion of your course will be focused on gaining practical experience, and that requires the right equipment at the right price.

In Australia, we have some of the best university nursing courses in the world, and here at Medshop believe students on these courses deserve the best nursing kits to support them on this journey. Each year, these institutions produce thousands of graduates who go on to play an integral part in the healthcare system. A system in which over half of all health professionals are nurses!

In order to meet this demand and support our future nurses, Medshop stocks a broad range of top student nursing kits that accommodate all budgets and styles. As nurses’ specialties range from aged care, through surgical, paediatrics, mental health, education, chronic disease, palliative care, research, to health promotion and everything in between, it’s important our nursing kits contain a wide selection of the highest quality equipment. 

Stethoscopes for Students

Whether you’re just after the basics or in need of something a little more comprehensive, there are a few things you should look out for when choosing student nursing equipment. Perhaps the most obvious of these being the stethoscope.

The trusty stethoscope is almost as old as modern nursing itself. In their current form, stethoscopes were developed in the mid-19th century and their importance to medicine has grown steadily ever since. A 2012 research paper claimed that the stethoscope, when compared to other medical equipment, had the highest positive impact on the perceived trustworthiness of the healthcare professional seen with it.

Now, with its value beyond doubt, the most pressing choice facing our nursing students is which brand of stethoscope to go for. The best student nursing kits at Medshop come with either a 3M Littman or Spirit stethoscope. Both have their own merits but there are a few things to consider when choosing.

The Classic 3M Littman stethoscope is widely regarded as the best in the business. Made from high quality materials, they provide improved acoustic performance with excellent audibility of high frequency sounds. However, this does mean they come at a price.

For those equally discerning but budget-conscious student nurses, our best student medical kits are also available with the ever reliable Classic Spirit stethoscope. Although less well known, the Spirit stethoscope does not sacrifice any performance thanks to its rugged durability at more affordable price. 

So, once you’ve decided on your brand, you’ll be faced with the equally tough decision of which colour to go for, as both the 3M Littman and Spirit stethoscopes are available at Medshop in a variety of colours to suit every personality and style on the ward. 

Now we’ve considered the all-important stethoscope it’s time to take a closer look at some of the best student nursing kits that are available at Medshop.

Student Nursing Pack - Littmann Classic III / Spirit

Our premium nursing kit is designed to meet the requirements of university nursing courses across Australia. It comes with a top of the range Littman Classic III stethoscope as well as a traditional sphygmomanometer and 10 other vital pieces of equipment. The pack is also available with a Classic Spirit Stethoscope and comes in a rainbow of colours. Either way, with this nursing kit by your side you’ll be the envy of all your colleagues. 

ACU Student Pack

Originally designed for Australia’s best nursing school, ACU, this excellent student nursing kit is now widely used by students at many other universities across the country. Available with the Classic Spirit stethoscope this affordable kit is ideal for those budget conscious students. For an added personal touch, you can even have your stethoscope laser engraved, ensuring it always comes back to you wherever you put it down! As you would expect, Medshop had also packed in all the other essentials you might need, including a sphygmomanometer, LED penlight, nurses’ pouch and safety glasses.

Basic Nursing Utility Kit

For those who only require the basic essentials when it comes to nursing packs, our Basic Nursing Utility Kit has you covered. This small kit packs a big punch, filled with high quality equipment designed for performance and reliability all at a very affordable price. You’ll find scissors, forceps, a penlight and a practical nurses fob watch in the kit. Like most of our other nursing kits it comes in an extraordinary variety of colours to suit even anyone with an eye for style.

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