Product Feature: Littmann Cardiology IV

Product Feature- The Littmann Cardiology IV.png     Introducing the latest and greatest in stethoscope technology from 3M, the Littmann Cardiology IV. A revolutionary device that despite being relatively new to the market, is already in huge demand and receiving rave reviews. The Cardiology IV sets a new standard, unmatched in its field, it is considered a pinnacle of achievement in auscultation technology. So what is all of the hype about? Let's dive in and find out.    

Supreme acoustics

  Littmann Cardiology IV.png     Identifying and picking up on the most subtle of sounds is a critical factor in the accurate assessment and diagnosis of patients. The engineers at 3M Littmann are dedicated to advancing the technology that enables greater levels of precision where patient assessment is concerned. This drive to innovate and exceed previous expectations has been at the forefront of the Cardiology IV design. Precisely engineered to enable barely perceptible sounds to be heard, the Cardiology IV presents a level of finesse previously unimagined. Designed for clinicians who require superior quality and exceptional versatility, the Cardiology IV provides the opportunity and ability to hear more than ever before.    

Exceptional versatility

  IV Delivers.png     Despite the name, the Cardiology IV isn't just a stethoscope for cardiologists. Designed with precision and versatility in mind, the Cardiology IV is an ideal choice for any medical practitioner who wants to know they can provide their patients with the best of care, using the best technology available. It can be used to accurately study and listen to, lung, cardiac, arterial and other bodily sounds with both adult and paediatric patients. The Cardiology IV is used by medical specialists, general practitioners, paramedics, critical care nurses and students to name a few. The level of sound quality and precision also means that hearing affected users may benefit from the increased clarity and range of frequencies that the Cardiology IV offers.    

Elegant design

  Elegant Design     The design for the Cardiology IV resembles a somewhat streamlined and refined version of the Cardiology III. The distinctive chalice shaped chest piece features the much desired tunable diaphragms on both the large and small sides to deliver exceptional acoustic performance and diagnostic ability. Many people prefer to use the paediatric / small side of the chest piece as a traditional open bell. This is easily achieved by removing the tunable diaphragm and replacing it with the nonchill bell sleeve that is provided with all Cardiology IV stethoscopes. Available with a range of classic tubing colours, the Cardiology IV exudes elegance and high performance simultaneously.    

Outstanding features

  2635130879001_4726575674001_8D01MFARHRPSQ8YR60VX-largeprvw-1158697     One of the key features of the Cardiology IV stethoscope is the Littmann patented next generation tubing. It's designed to be more durable and last longer than any stethoscope tubing before it. The tubing is stain and damage resistant and not made from natural rubber latex or cheap and nasty phythalate plasticisers, to prevent allergic reactions and skin irritation. Construction is another highlight of Littmann's ingenuity, the dual-lumen tubing design creates two sound paths in one tube to eliminate the rubbing noise generated by traditional double tube designs. For maximum comfort and the perfect fit the headset is easily adjustable and the ear tips are designed to fit gently yet securely in the ears.    

Worthy investment

  Investment.png     Given all the benefits of the Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope, it is understandable that it comes with a price tag that reflects this prestige. Consider this, however, there are many Littmann stethoscope users have kept their stethoscopes for 10+ years. When you break the cost down over this kind of timeline it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Plus the added security and peace of mind that you get from knowing that you are using the very best that stethoscope technology has to offer. To top that off, Littmann offers a 7-year warranty for Cardiology IV stethoscopes that covers all parts of the stethoscope for wear and tear plus incidental damage. The Cardiology IV presents and offer that is too good to ignore. All Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscopes purchased from Medshop Australia come with a free LED penlight and free laser engraving. Watch this video below for a product demonstration from 3M Littmann     [youtube]     If you enjoy these images, join us on Pinterest to see them all.   Come Join us on Pinterest!  
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