Product Feature CoaguChek Pro II Meter

“Building on the best in class quality, CoaguChek Pro II is small, light and convenient with accuracy and precision that our customers have come to expect from CoaguChek® over the past 20 years,” - Jean-Claude Gottraux, Head of Roche Professional Diagnostics.
CoaguChek® Pro II 2 World leaders in the technology behind International Normalised Ratio (INR) testing, Roche, have just launched the CoaguChek Pro II. This is the next level of INR testing. Unlike the CoaguChek XS monitor, the CoaguChek Pro II is designed for professional use. So, if you are a specialist, a practitioner, or a procurement manager who is looking for the latest INR monitoring technology, look no further than the CoaguChek Pro II. The CoaguChek Pro II combines two tests in a single lightweight device - the activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) test and the prothrombin time (PT) test. It provides much greater insight into the patients’ coagulation status in acute care settings, such as operating rooms, emergency rooms, intensive care units, or anticoagulation clinics. CoagPro2.png
What's more, the Pro II can be used to determine the presence of vitamin K antagonists in patients with acute bleeding. It can also be used to determine whether there is any coagulation factor deficiency. Moreover, it can be used in real time to monitor anticoagulant drug effects in patients treated with unfractionated heparin. With the CoaguCheck Pro II, there is no need to spend valuable time waiting for lab results and there is no double handling. The unique CoaguChek advantage is the handheld streamlined point of care testing design. The sample can be taken and tested immediately right there with the patient. Roche_Pro_II Image Source: Built in WIFI connectivity allows for transferring critical information when and where it is needed. This revolutionary feature of the CoaguChek Pro II means that test results can be automatically transmitted to electronic health records. To ensure that vital information is immediately accessible and available at every point of care. This feature streamlines workflow improves efficiency and greatly reduces the possibility of human error. In addition to the WIFI technology feature, the CoaguChek Pro II also enables the use of QR codes in a market first for a device of this kind. Test results and data can be transformed into a QR code then sent via email, or mobile phone for example. How_to_Use_1a.jpgImage Source: This kind of technology is increasingly valuable in remote settings as it enables the data to be transferred and shared outside of the hospital or clinic patients' electronic records. It is particularly useful in home visits where the reading can be taken by a nurse then sent instantly to the clinic, doctor or hospital. This allows the information to be reviewed in real time. An anticoagulant dosing schedule can be arranged without the patient needing to travel to the hospital or doctor. As you can see, the CoaguChek Pro II is a stand alone in its field and a highlight of the use of modern technology to enhance health care. We are pleased to offer the CoaguChek Pro II monitor as part of a promotion running until June 30th EOFY 2016. You will be a free 48 pack of PT test strips when you buy the monitor as part of our EOFY promotions. Please visit this link for more information. Also, if you like images of medical equipment and humor aimed at medical professionals, please join us on Pinterest. Come Join us on Pinterest!
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