Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitors - 2022

Omron blood pressure monitors are some of the most respected pieces of kit within the healthcare industry. In fact, with almost a century of experience and a world-renowned reputation, Omron monitors provide supremely accurate readings for a huge number of people around the world!

Hypertension continues to adversely affect Australians (as it does other nations), and the need for accurate blood pressure readings is more important than ever before. In fact, regular blood pressure measurements can help monitor heart rates and prevent serious heart attacks in many people.

Australians, in general, suffer hypertension at a rate of about 34%, or one in three adults (18 and up). Men are in worse shape than women, and obesity seems to affect the largest segment of sufferers. For these reasons, blood pressure machines for home use and home monitoring are crucial—allowing fast detection of high blood pressure in any setting.

However, ensuring you purchase the right home blood pressure monitor for your needs can be a challenge. Here then, to help you make and informed decision and get the most accurate results, we’ve put together a guide to finding the ideal Omron blood pressure monitor for you.


What is the best blood pressure monitor?


When it comes to picking the right BP monitor, so long as consumers have done their research, they find their Omron equipment continues to deliver benchmark results use after use. However, with a variety of models within the range, the best automatic blood pressure monitor for you will depend on your exact requirements.

As a general rule, you can’t go wrong with anything sporting the Omron healthcare brand. However, the ideal choice for you, whether you are an individual user planning to self-test or a medical professional who needs the latest features, will depend on how you use it.

To get to the heart of the answer to this question, we’ll take a look at Omron's best blood pressure monitors and explore some of their best features, as well as look into how blood pressure monitors work and what kinds of accuracy you can expect.


Do blood pressure monitors work?

Well, the simple answer is yes. However, not all blood pressure monitors are created equal. This why Omron holds such an envied position at the very pinnacle of the industry, since reliability, accuracy and ease of use are integral to the company’s products. All blood pressure monitors will work to a degree, but the level of accuracy and reliability will be a point to consider depending on your application.

It’s also worth remembering that to ensure your blood pressure monitor is working correctly, regular maintenance and diagnostic checks should be carried out. Additionally, storing your monitor and blood pressure cuff in a dedicated carrying case can help keep it in top working order and ensure your equipment lasts longer before it needs replacement.

How do blood pressure monitors work?

Blood pressure monitors work in a couple of different ways depending on the technology you use. Today, you’ll find conventional sphygmomanometers that you’ll almost certainly recognise. However, advances in technology have ushered in a new era of digital BP monitors that are often easier to use for non-medical professionals at home.

Conventional blood pressure monitors use a manually inflated air-bladder cuff that wraps around the arm. A trained medical professional would then use a stethoscope to listen to the arterial wall sounds for any issues. This process is known as the auscultatory method of measuring blood pressure.

Today, however, digital blood pressure monitors use a battery powered air pump to inflate the cuff to the required pressure. An integrated pressure sensor then measures arterial wall vibrations to ascertain the blood pressure in an artery. This process is known as the oscillometric method.

Additionally, two different types of BP monitors are now available. The first is the more recognisable upper-arm cuff seen in hospitals and clinics everywhere. However, recent innovations has developed a wrist cuff model which is more popular with patients to use at home.

Is the Omron BP Monitor Accurate?


It should seem obvious by their success, Omron makes the most accurate blood pressure monitors in the world. This is not all that separates Omron from the rest.

In general, as long as one uses the monitor correctly, blood pressure measuring devices stack up about the same. None of them is absolutely the final word in the body’s fluid pressure levels.

First, there are factored which can throw the result, white coat syndrome (elevated blood pressure due to anxiety from medical coats) for one, but there are controllable factors that can affect the outcome too.

We're not talking about drinking, smoking, and obesity either. Those are controllable in the big picture, but in the immediate case of using a BP monitor, Omron or otherwise, one must also follow a few simple steps.

  • Use the right-sized cuff. If it’s too small or too big, your results will be inaccurate.
  • Apply the cuff correctly. This means on the skin, not through clothing, and placed in the correct place on the arm.
  • Rest. Sit for about five minutes before the test for better accuracy.
  • Sit. Lying down is too relaxed, but standing up is not relaxed enough.
  • Relax. Speaking of relaxing, there is a balance including your emotional stimulus. Anything that would otherwise make the user emotionally tense, should be avoided. So, don’t talk about stressful matters leading up to the test. Do not consume stimulants before the test, including coffee and certain cold medications. Also, alcohol is going to mess things up. Make sure you’ve emptied your bladder too.
  • Quiet, please. Do not talk during the test, and if you can avoid it, during your resting period before the test.

If you spend more time managing these factors, provided your blood pressure testing equipment is well-maintained, the results will be as close to accurate as possible, Omron or not.

All that said, Omron should give you fewer malfunction headaches in the long run. That peace of mind contributes to the idea of staying relaxed. A faulty cuff can only drive more hypertension.


What is the best Omron blood pressure monitor?



Whether you need an upper arm blood pressure monitor or you prefer a wrist-based cuff, Omron has a range of options which we’ll explore below.

BP100 — Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Sure


Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Sure BP100

This fully automatic blood pressure monitor kicks off the Omron range and is the cheapest BP monitor available. Featuring an LCD digital display and one touch operation, its able measure blood pressure and pulse rate quickly and clearly.

With a memory capacity of 14 previous readings, you can easily track a limited pool of past readings. Additionally, a hypertension indicator and pulse range of 40 - 180 beats per minute means there is plenty of capacity for home readings.

Finally, with a cuff suitable for arms between 22 cm and 32cm and 2-year warranty, the BP100 is ideal for a broad range of body types and will provide plenty of usage before it requires a service.


HEM7121 — Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Standard

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Standard HEM7121

Most at-home users opt for the HEM7121. It’s Omron’s basic monitor, easy to use, and provided you do all the things listed above, is accurate enough to to identify irregular heartbeats without a trip to the doctor’s office.

It features an easy, one-touch operation that takes the stress out of , alongside an irregular heartbeat detector that functions as your diastolic and systolic measurement are being taken. If the indicator icon lights up, you should seek help from a medical professional.

In addition to this, you’ll find a memory storage facility that allows you to keep track of your last 30 readings, and an adjustable cuff suitable for arm circumferences of between 22 cm and 42 cm.

Finally, the large, clear display makes reading your measurements easy, even if you suffer from poor eyesight, and the included carrying case will help keep your kit safe.

HEM7156 — Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Medshop Australia Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM7156

Offering a range of advanced technologies and convenient features, the HEM7156 is a step up from the entry level Omron blood pressure monitors but remains easy to use with a clear screen and reliable measurements.

With Intellisense Technology that automatically applies the right amount of pressure for fast, accurate and more comfortable measurements, alongside a 360º IntelliWrap™ Cuff that naps easily onto your arms between 22 cm and 42cm, it is also

Additionally, with Irregular Heartbeat Detection, Body Movement Detection, Hypertension Indicator, and a 60 capacity memory, the HEM7156 helps you take more accurate readings, more often, and track a huge bank of past measurements.


HEM7600T — Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Elite Plus

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Elite Plus HEM7600T

Featuring a similar set of features as the HEM7156 blood pressure monitor, but with added Bluetooth connection to the Omron app, the HEM7600T is part of the series wireless upper arm blood pressure monitors that uses tubeless technology to provide measurements.

This means you can easily take accurate measurements without the hassle of wires and use your iPhone or Android device to read and record up to 100 entries on the Connect app. In addition, the OLED display alerts you if any body movement or an irregular heartbeat are detected during the reading.

Finally, with a 360 Intelli Wrap Cuff suitable for arm circumferences of 22 cm to 42 cm, along with included cuff wrapping guide, you can easily optimise your blood pressure measurement tasks to ensure the most accurate readings.

HEM7280T — Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Bluetooth

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Bluetooth HEM7280T 

Another Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitor, the HEM7280T takes things a step further with a features such as morning hypertension indicator, morning and evening weekly averages, and a colour blood pressure level indicator.

These features are added to the enhanced Intellisense Technology and a convenient date & time display. Additionally, featuring a soft cuff suitable for arm circumferences of between 22 cm and 42 cm, its flexible and versatile enough for use in a wide range of settings.

Finally, as with most top-end Omron BP monitors, a separate power adapter can be purchased so that you no longer have to rely solely on batteries.

HBP1320 — Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Professional

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Professional HBP1320

Moving towards the more advanced end of the blood pressure monitor scale, the HBP1320 is enhanced for clinical use and allows nurses to carry the device easily from bed to bed. It is still possible to use this device at home, with clear and accurate readings of both diastolic and systolic pressure, however, it is probably a little too advanced for the average user.

HEM907 - Omron Blood Pressure Monitor IntelliSense

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Omron Blood Pressure Monitor IntelliSense HEM907

At the very top end of the range sits the HEM907, an industry standard BP monitor with a raft of advanced features. Including automatic cuff inflation and deflation, supremely accurate Intellisense technology, pressure detection, and electric shock protection, this device is really only intended for professional-grade use.


What is the best blood pressure monitor in Australia?

Like most developed nations, Australia has access to the very best medical and healthcare equipment in the world. This means that you can easily purchase the best blood pressure monitor wherever you are and depending on your specific requirements.

Among the top picks for Australian market include the Omron 7 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, balancing ideal levels of convenience and accuracy for home users, Additionally, any of the latest Omron BP monitors, such as the Omron 10 or the Omron Platinum, may be considered the best in Australia, you just need to choose the right combination of features for your needs.

Some folks absolutely must be able to take BP measurements in a moment’s notice. There is no other option save round-the-clock nursing care. For some people, the anxiety around wondering about tension levels is enough to drive false positives all day long.

Consult with your trusted doctor about whether or not having a blood pressure monitor in the home is for you. Discuss which is the best one for you, and listen to that advice despite our opinion on the matter.

For more infromation on Omron blood pressure monitors, blood pressure monitors in general, or other medical devices and supplies, check out the Medshop blog or contact a member of staff today to discuss your requirements.

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