Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitors in 2024

Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitors in 2024

Steven Cumper

Steven Cumper

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April 29, 2024

Omron blood pressure monitors are some of the most respected pieces of kit within the healthcare industry. In fact, with almost a century of experience and a world-renowned reputation, Omron blood pressure monitors provide supremely accurate readings for a huge number of people around the world!

Hypertension continues to adversely affect Australians (as it does other nations), and the need for accurate blood pressure readings is more important than ever before. In fact, regular blood pressure measurements can help monitor heart rates and prevent serious heart attacks in many people.

According to a study conducted by The George Institute for Global Health and UNSW Sydney, in Australia, 34% of adults have high blood pressure, and a 25% reduction could save about 37,000 lives yearly. Only 32% of Australians with hypertension have lowered their blood pressure to a healthy range. Approximately half of Australians with high blood pressure are unaware of their condition. Men are in worse shape than women, and obesity seems to affect the largest segment of sufferers. For these reasons, home blood pressure monitors in Australia are crucial - allowing fast detection of high blood pressure in any setting.

As a leading provider of healthcare products, we recognize the challenge of selecting the right home blood pressure monitor. That's why we've crafted a guide to help you make an informed decision and achieve accurate results with the best blood pressure monitors in Australia.

What is the best Omron blood pressure monitor?

HEM7600T — Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Elite Plus HBP1320 — Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Professional HEM907 — Blood Pressure Monitor IntelliSense
IMAGE Omron Blood Pressure Monitors Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Elite Plus HEM7600T
PRICE $225.22 $500.00 $895.00
FEATURES Premium Bluetooth blood pressure monitor
Directly connects to Omron app
Wireless upper arm monitor with tubeless technology
• iPhone and Android compatible
Records up to 100 entries on Connect app
OLED display alerts for body movement and irregular heartbeat
360 Intelli Wrap Cuff (22 cm to 42 cm arm circumferences)
Includes cuff wrapping guide for accurate measurement
Professional-Grade Accuracy
Large, Easy-to-Read Display
One-Touch Operation
Cuff Fit Error Indicator
AC Adapter and Battery Options
Memory Storage
Cuff and Bladder Design
5 Year Standard Warranty
Industry standard BP monitor with advanced features
Automatic cuff inflation and deflation for user convenience
Utilises supremely accurate Intellisense technology for precise readings
Features pressure detection to ensure optimal measurement conditions
Equipped with electric shock protection for user safety
Large, easy-to-read display for clear result visualisation
Offers multiple user profiles for tracking and comparison
Built-in memory for storing a history of measurements
Option for averaging multiple readings for enhanced accuracy
Durable and robust construction for long-lasting performance in professional settings.
PROS Bluetooth Connectivity
Enables seamless data transfer for tracking and analysis through
compatible devices or apps, enhancing data management.

Tubeless Design
Eliminates the need for wires, providing a more convenient
and clutter-free measurement experience.

OLED Display
Offers clear and visible readings, and alerts for body movement
or irregular heartbeat during measurements.

360 IntelliWrap Cuff
Accommodates a wide range of arm circumferences (22-42 cm)

Multi-User Capability
Allows multiple users to track their blood pressure readings separately
on the same device, providing versatility for households with multiple individuals.
Professional-Grade Accuracy
Designed specifically for clinical settings,
providing highly accurate and reliable blood pressure readings.

Large, Easy-to-Read Display
Ensures clear and visible results,
aiding in precise interpretation by healthcare professionals.

One-Touch Operation
Streamlines the measurement process,
saving time and ensuring efficiency in clinical settings.

Cuff Fit Error Indicator
Alerts users if the cuff is not properly positioned,
enhancing the accuracy of measurements.

AC Adapter and Battery Options
Offers flexibility in power sources, ensuring uninterrupted use
even in settings without easy access to electrical outlets.
Professional-Grade Accuracy
Designed specifically for clinical settings,
providing highly accurate and reliable blood pressure readings.

Automatic Cuff Inflation and Deflation
Streamlines the measurement process,
saving time and ensuring efficiency in clinical settings.

Supremely Accurate IntelliSense Technology
Automatically adjusts cuff inflation for accurate
and comfortable measurements, ensuring optimal readings.

Pressure Detection
Ensures optimal measurement conditions for precise results.

Electric Shock Protection
Enhances user safety during measurements.
CONS Potential Learning Curve
Users unfamiliar with advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity
and tubeless technology may require some time to adjust.

Dependence on Smartphone
While Bluetooth connectivity offers advanced features,
it may necessitate the use of a smartphone or compatible device,
which may not be accessible for all users.

Battery Dependency
Like many electronic devices,
it relies on battery power which may need to be replaced periodically,
incurring ongoing costs.
May Be Overkill for Personal Use
The professional-grade accuracy and features of this monitor
may be overkill for home use.

Potentially Higher Cost
Due to its specialised design and features,
the HBP1320 may come with a higher initial investment compared to
standard home blood pressure monitors.

May Have a Learning Curve
Healthcare professionals may need some time to familiarise
themselves with the device, particularly if they are new to this specific model.

May Not Be as Portable
While still portable, it may be less travel-friendly compared to smaller,
more compact home-use monitors.

Designed for Clinical Settings
May not have features or design elements that cater to personal home use.
Intended for Professional Use
May have features and capabilities that are not necessary
for personal home use.

Potentially Higher Cost
Due to its specialised design and features,
the HEM907 may come with a higher initial investment
compared to standard home blood pressure monitors.

May Have a Learning Curve
Healthcare professionals may need some time
to familiarise themselves with the device,
particularly if they are new to this specific model.

Less Portable
Designed primarily for clinical settings,
it may not be as portable or travel-friendly as smaller,
more compact home-use monitors.


When it comes to selecting the appropriate BP monitor, consumers often find that their Omron blood pressure monitors consistently deliver benchmark results with each use. However, given the range of models available, determining the best automatic blood pressure monitor for you depends on your specific requirements.

If you're prioritizing budget-consciousness and seeking a blood pressure monitor for routine home use, the Omron HEM7600T stands out as a solid choice. This model is ideal for individuals who want to monitor their blood pressure regularly without the need for advanced clinical features. Its multi-user capability also makes it suitable for households with varying monitoring needs.

For healthcare professionals who prioritize accuracy and reliability in clinical settings, the Omron HBP1320 offers an excellent balance of performance and affordability. Its mid-range price makes it an attractive option for those seeking quality without the premium features and cost associated with higher-end models.

For those requiring top-tier performance and durability in professional healthcare settings, the Omron HEM907 is a standout choice. This model offers advanced features tailored for clinical environments, making it the pinnacle of blood pressure monitoring technology. 

As a general rule, you can’t go wrong with anything sporting the Omron healthcare brand. However, the ideal choice for you, whether you are an individual user planning to self-test or a medical professional who needs the latest features, will depend on how you use it.

How do blood pressure monitors work?

Blood pressure monitors work by detecting the pressure changes in the cuff as blood moves through the arteries underneath. When the cuff inflates, it briefly stops blood flow, and as it slowly deflates, the monitor senses the pressure fluctuations. These fluctuations are then used to calculate the systolic (when the heart contracts) and diastolic (when the heart relaxes) blood pressure readings. This process, known as oscillometry, is the basis for both manual and automatic blood pressure monitors.

Manual monitors, typically used by healthcare professionals, involve wrapping a cuff around the upper arm and manually inflating it using a bulb until it restricts blood flow. Then, the healthcare provider listens to the blood flow through a stethoscope while slowly releasing the pressure in the cuff. The point at which the first sound (systolic pressure) is heard and the point at which the sound disappears (diastolic pressure) are noted to determine blood pressure.

Automatic monitors, commonly used at home, work similarly but without the need for manual inflation or auscultation. Instead, the cuff automatically inflates and deflates, while sensors detect the oscillations in arterial pressure caused by the heartbeat. These oscillations are then converted into digital readings, displaying the systolic and diastolic pressures along with pulse rate on the monitor's screen.

Is the Omron BP Monitor Accurate?


It should seem obvious by their success, Omron makes the most accurate BP monitors in the world. However, this is not all that separates Omron blood pressure monitors from the rest.

In general, as long as one uses the monitor correctly, blood pressure measuring devices stack up about the same. None of them is absolutely the final word in the body’s fluid pressure levels.

First, there are factors which can throw the result, white coat syndrome (elevated blood pressure due to anxiety from medical coats) for one, but there are controllable factors that can affect the outcome too.

We're not talking about drinking, smoking, and obesity either. Those are controllable in the big picture, but in the immediate case of using a BP monitor, Omron or otherwise, one must also follow a few simple steps.

  • Use the right-sized cuff. If it’s too small or too big, your results will be inaccurate.
  • Apply the cuff correctly. This means on the skin, not through clothing, and placed in the correct place on the arm.
  • Rest. Sit for about five minutes before the test for better accuracy.
  • Sit. Lying down is too relaxed, but standing up is not relaxed enough.
  • Relax. Speaking of relaxing, there is a balance including your emotional stimulus. Anything that would otherwise make the user emotionally tense, should be avoided. So, don’t talk about stressful matters leading up to the test. Do not consume stimulants before the test, including coffee and certain cold medications. Also, alcohol is going to mess things up. Make sure you’ve emptied your bladder too.
  • Quiet, please. Do not talk during the test, and if you can avoid it, during your resting period before the test.

If you spend more time managing these factors, provided your blood pressure testing equipment is well-maintained, the results will be as close to accurate as possible, Omron or not.

All that said, Omron blood pressure monitors should give you fewer malfunction headaches in the long run. That peace of mind contributes to the idea of staying relaxed. A faulty cuff can only drive more hypertension.


What is the best blood pressure monitor in Australia?

Rounding off our blood pressure monitor review, its important to note that Australia has access to the very best medical and healthcare equipment in the world. This means that you can easily purchase the best blood pressure monitor wherever you are and depending on your specific requirements.

Among the top picks for Australian market include the Omron 7 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, balancing ideal levels of convenience and accuracy for home users, Additionally, any of the latest Omron BP monitors, such as the Omron 10 or the Omron Platinum, may be considered the best in Australia, you just need to choose the right combination of features for your needs.

Some folks absolutely must be able to take BP measurements in a moment’s notice. There is no other option save round-the-clock nursing care. For some people, the anxiety around wondering about tension levels is enough to drive false positives all day long.

Read our blog post on the best blood pressure monitors to find out more or contact a member of staff today to discuss your requirements.

Author: Steven John Cumper, B.App.SC. (Osteo.), M.Ost., is a businessman with a strong foundation in biomedical science and osteopathic medicine, who founded and led Medshop to international success, culminating in its acquisition by the Bunzl Group in September 2021, where he continues to serve as Managing Director (Medshop Group).

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