Nobody Offers More Nursing Kit Options Than Medshop Australia; Here's Why

Nobody Offers More Nursing Kit Options Than Medshop Australia; Here's Why.png
Here at Medshop Australia we love nurses and we are very proud to support the nursing community, from student nurses to nursing professionals in every capacity, we admire and appreciate all that you do.
We understand the demands faced by nurses and see it as our role to help ease some of that pressure by providing a wide range of convenient nursing kits, designed to suit nurses at all levels and across various fields of practice.
Our nursing kits have been pre-packaged by us to provide you with a one-stop shopping option for obtaining all the tools that you need. They provide a convenient and time-saving option so you don't need to spend time searching for and putting together the equipment you need piece by piece, we have it taken care of for you. Since you spend your days taking care of others, it is the very least we can do.
Another benefit of our nursing kits at Medshop Australia is that we really do have something for everybody with our wide range. If you find that there is something else you require and you are having trouble finding it, or if you have a suggestion for a new nursing kit, we are very happy to help you and take your feedback on board.
So with all that said, let's take a look at some of the most popular nursing kits that we offer and help you determine which one is the right fit for you.

The ACU Student Nursing Pack

The ACU Student Nursing Pack is what started off our nursing kit range. After being contacted by a group of nursing students from the Australian Catholic University who requested a nursing kit that would meet their university equipment requirements. Medshop Australia was, of course, more than happy to oblige and thus the ACU Student Nursing Pack was born.
Since then the ACU Student Nursing Pack has become the standard kit to meet the requirements of nursing students from most universities across Australia. We chose to keep the name because many nurses know of the ACU Student Nursing Pack by that name.
 It must be said that despite being dubbed a "student" pack, many fully qualified nurses have purchased this kit as the components are suitable for use by students of professional level nurses.
One of the reasons this kit is so popular is because we provide two options of the stethoscope that enable us to also provide two price points for the kit. The stethoscope options you can choose from are a Littmann Classic IIS.E stethoscope, the top of the range stethoscope that is the industry preferred option for nurses. Or the Spirit Classic stethoscope, a more budget friendly option that still delivers substantial performance for most nurses.
The other reason that this kit is so popular is the cost saving benefits - purchased separately the kit components come to a total of around $185.00. Purchasing one of our kit options can save you up to $95.50!
To learn more about the ACU Student Nursing Packs, please visit this link and take a look at what we have included.

The Student Nursing Pack - Littmann Classic III

Our most recent addition to our nursing kit range, the Student Nursing Pack - Littmann Classic III includes the exact same kit components as the ACU Student Nursing Packs with the latest model Littmann Classic III stethoscope.
The Littmann Classic III is the latest stethoscope release from Littmann in their Classic range. The upgraded stethoscope model means that this kit is sold at a slightly higher price point that the ACU Student Nursing Pack with the Littmann Classic IIS.E stethoscope. For nurses who want the latest and greatest in stethoscope technology, this kit is ideal.

New Kits on the Block - Advanced Utility Kits

While our Student Nursing Pack range covers the requirements of many university courses and the essentials for practising nurses, our utility kits range are also very popular and in demand.
Our new range of Advanced Utility Kits include essentials that you don't find in the student packs such as forceps, sharp/blunt scissors, an ampoule opener, penlight, face shield, retractor and I.D badge holders, pens, nursing pocket and much more. We also have basic utility kits for those nurses who just need a few extras.
While these nursing kits are some of our most popular, we have more nursing kits on offer, please visit our nursing kits page on our website to view all the varieties we have available for you.
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