Just in Time; We Found 9 Ideal Nursing School Graduation Gift Ideas For You

Just in Time; We Found 9 Ideal Nursing School Graduation Gift Ideas For YouHere’s the good news: You still have time to find the perfect graduation gift for your favourite nursing school grad.

Here’s the even better news: Medshop Australia’s team already did all the heavy lifting.

We combed through our inventory to pull out the best graduation gift ideas, ranging from “that was thoughtful” to “wow, you really shouldn’t have.”

For most nursing school graduates, at this moment they’re in a panic of questions about what they will do after graduation day… More schooling? Get a job?

They’re wondering, how will I afford rent, my lifestyle, and the tools I need to practice my profession?

That’s where you come in...

As a loving friend, parent or family member, this is your chance to shine a ray of light into their lives. These are the gifts that, when received, will allow your graduate to cross one more item off their list.

Quick note: Prices listed are not quotes, but references to the price at the time this blog was written. They are subject to change. Please see Medshop Australia’s current online pricing for the most up-to-date information.




Something simple many may not consider is the increasing security protocols at most institutions.

Employers these days outfit their new recruits with a security card loaded for their access needs. Lose that card, and it’s a tough Monday at work.

A lanyard solves most of those possibilities, but the standard issue lanyard is boring. The Prestige Deluxe Lanyard features butterfly or heart beading, with a breakaway safety clasp, and bulldog clip to accommodate almost every type of security card shape.

For $21.33, this makes a fun, functional gift that will remind that graduate of you every day.

Select your preferred Prestige Deluxe Lanyard style now.



“Have you got a pen?” has to rank in the top three questions asked in a hospital. Nurses can go through disposable pens like water, unable to keep track of them as they look like every other pen out there.

Investing in a high-end desk pen isn't always the best idea either, considering those walk off too. The better pen is one that clips in place, like the Mini Clip Pen Set from Medshop Australia.

This $1.50 package of pens comes with four different coloured pens, all outfitted with an easy clip that affixes to belt loops, keychains, waistbands and much more.

It’s tough to lose, and easy to spot in a crowd. Plus, for that low price, you could outfit your graduate with a few sets just to be sure they have enough.

Order your grad the Mini Clip Pen Set today.

Anatomical Cube Book


For the nurse going into paediatric care, this is the perfect desktop accessory. It’s also a fun gift for a graduate who appreciates interesting items.

The Anatomical Human Body Cube Book isn’t like other anatomical charts. The compact design packs a ton of information about the human body in one place, in an interactive cube.

Flip one side of the cube one way to reveal a new chart. Flip it another to reveal yet another system.

Created by the crew at ZooBooKoo, the Human Body Cube is an entertaining as it is informative. The best part is, it’s only $12.07.

Get the Body Cube Book for that low price now.


Welch Allyn Penlight

Penlights are so popular, in February, we dedicated an entire blog to them. A nurse may grab for that penlight almost as many times as their pen, more than their stethoscope.

For this reason, penlights can wear out or disappear even faster.

Many nurses opt for low-cost options so they don’t have to shell out heaps of cash every month for new penlights. An alternative solution is to use a higher quality penlight, like the Welch Allyn Penlight.

With its powder-coated, solid brass construction and bright halogen beam, this penlight will operate well beyond the normal life expectancy of most others.

For graduates, it makes a possession they won’t anticipate, as the $63.50 price tag pushes down on their priorities list. They won’t frown at receiving it as a gift, though.

It’s the little things like this which make starting that first day at a new job that much easier.

Make the Welch Allyn Penlight the perfect graduation gift.

Nursing Watch

Fob Watch

That pendulous timepiece worn by Australian nurses, the fob watch, comes with a history almost as venerable as the invention of the watch itself.

Ironically, fob watches are one of the most common graduation gifts for new nurses.

As such, many gift-givers go for economic, fun, silicon versions like Medshop’s silicone fob watch kit. That one comes with a reliable timepiece and five coloured silicone band options.

At $25.45, these are in most folk’s budget for graduation gifts. But, if you really want to wow someone, consider the Classique Nursing Watch, a $94.88 timepiece as classic as the manufacturer’s name.

Inside its stainless steel, waterproof housing, the cogs of Swiss movement power accurate time and date information.

What’s more, it comes in three finishes, stainless steel, gold, and rose gold.

Give the traditional graduation gift with a Classique Nursing Watch. 


Untitled design

Many grads start with a budget stethoscope, one that does the job but doesn’t offer much in the way of confidence.

It’s likely that your grad already has a stethoscope of this calibre or one inherited from someone else to get through school.

Going out into the professional world, however, mandates an upgrade. Like a Monte Blanc pen or Swiss-made watch, the stethoscope one carries sends a message to colleagues and clients or in this case, patients.

For that reason, a Littmann Classic III makes a generous but lasting gift at $132.00.

It also provides your graduate with a quality tool that can fill them with confidence for a lifetime as long as they maintain it.

Order the Littmann Classic III in your grad's favourite colour now.

Stethoscope Case


In order to keep that new stethoscope in top form for life, a case will go a long way towards protecting the components.

The Medshop stethoscope protective case is a hot seller for that very reason. It comes in five different colour options and carries more than one type of stethoscope.

The Littmann Cardiology III, Cardiology IV, and the Welch Allyn Harvey Elite all fit in this durable case, with room to spare for accessories.

It zips closed, and features an easy grip rubber exterior and handle to ensure that stethoscope never hits the ground.

This $16.50 case makes a nice standalone gift or an ideal insurance accessory for the generous gift-giver; as in one who already planned on gifting a stethoscope.

Give your grad protection for their most valuable tool.

Nurse’s Pouch


Getting organized is the world’s great stress reliever. With everything in its place, one can push forward with confidence, ready to take what comes next.

Nurses are no exception.

A stylish pouch, like Australia’s Best Nursing Pouch, gives nurses easy access to their tools. It gets them organized.

This one even drops straight into the washing tub when soiled, and comes out strong every time.

Medshop Australia offers 15 different colour combinations. For $11.81, you could get them one for every day of the week.

Help organize a graduate with a stylish nursing pouch gift.



They say one can go almost anywhere with a clipboard. Something about carrying one implies organization, power, and importance.

The Prestige Nurse Assist Clipboard does all of that and a little more. The clip of the board provides an easy-access calculator and timer, endlessly handy throughout a nurse’s day. 

Also, hidden below the clip one finds a slew of diagnostic charts so the nurse who carries it doesn’t have to worry about being caught unprepared ever.

It does all this for $36.80, less than the cost of many calculators.

Purchase the clipboard your favourite grad deserves.

You now have nine reasons to show up to that graduation party, 10 if you count the likelihood that the host will serve cake and cold beer. That’s reason enough to go to any party.

Considering the number of graduation parties coming up, you’ll want to stock up on the goodies above.

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