HURRY! Medshop Australia has 2 DISCOUNTED Blood Pressure Monitors RIGHT NOW

HURRY! Medshop Australia has 2 DISCOUNTED Blood Pressure Monitors RIGHT NOW.pngThere’s a good reason Omron blood pressure monitors remain one of our most popular items year after year. It’s the Omron reputation for quality.

It’s the sort of reputation that has the calming ability to, well, lower one’s blood pressure.

 That was a figure of speech by the way, not a medical claim.

In order to lower your actual blood pressure, you’ll need more than an internationally recognized brand like Omron. You’ll also want professional medical advice.

That said, having a brand like Omron measuring the gravity of the situation is a confidence-builder.

The good news is, right now Medshop Australia has two blood pressure monitors marked down for two different reasons. Both of those reasons are to your advantage, not ours. In fact, we probably shouldn’t be sharing this information, but our advisors insisted so here goes.

For readers searching for health advice, this is about the Omron blood pressure monitors we have on sale. These are the questions this blog won’t answer:

  • What can lower blood pressure immediately?
  • Can you feel when your blood pressure is high?
  • What do numbers on blood pressure mean?
  • What is the best drink for high blood pressure?

We’re in no position to answer these question, but a visit to the doctor and an accurate blood pressure measurement couldn’t hurt.

Before we dig in, a quick word on Omron.


Omron Blood Pressure Monitors


When Australians search for “where to buy Omron blood pressure monitors,” we’re proud to say we rise to the top of the pile. But, it’s not Medshop’s reputation so much as it is Omron’s, not all of it anyway.

They’re a fine manufacturer with whom we’re proud to do business.

About forty years ago, Omron committed to researching better solutions for helping people live healthier lives. Against a backdrop of formidable peers, they’ve established themselves as industry leaders through innovative technology.

Their blood monitoring equipment is only one branch of this effort, but they remain the top-selling brand in the markets where they’re sold. No doubt, Omron is a brand we like at Medshop Australia.

Still, people want to to know… which Omron blood pressure monitor is the best? Are they accurate? Well...


Which is the best Omron Blood Pressure Monitor?


The answer to this question depends on two factors, whom you ask, and how you define “best?” A clinician may want the Omron monitor with the most features, but an at-home user may prefer one that’s easy to use anywhere, anytime.

The good news on this front is, we’ve got one of each on discount right now. They say you can’t please everyone, but we’re trying anyway.

If the metric for best refers to the best top of the line model, then the Omron IntelliSense monitor would rise up as a contender. As it turns out, this is one of the devices we have discounted. More on that in a second.

If best means the best one for the user, then the IntelliSense might be too much device for some folks. It might also be out of most folk's price range. Best, even when it's a Mercedes Benz, is not the best option for everyone. So, what is your top priority? What do you need in a blood pressure monitor?  

Is Omron Blood Pressure Monitor accurate?


According to research from Harvard University in America, many home monitoring systems are not up to the task. Inaccuracies in their study were off as much as 15 and 20 mm HG.

This would be unacceptable by any definition of blood pressure montioring accuracy. That said, Omron continually passes the test for accuracy.

Variances between clinical visits may still occur, but likely due to white coat syndrome, not device accuracy.

The best way to verify is to take your device to the clinic with you, whatever device you use. If it’s way off, consider an Omron monitoring system.


Omron M10-IT Blood Pressure Monitor


Many blood pressure monitors these days try to be portable. As more users want in-home metrics, the race to make the ideal in-home system is on.

Unfortunately for many brands, they’ll need to move faster to catch Omron. The M10-IT is a fully-automated blood pressure monitor that offers some nice goodies for a steal. This device remembers your last couple of measurements so you don’t have to.

The cuff adjusts automatically, and will even adjust for more than one user. In fact, for each user, it will track 84 different data points with the date and time of the measurements.

It can even average your last three measurements so, again, you don’t have to do that work yourself.

As you would expect from such a premium device, the M10-IT will detect any irregularities in your heartbeat and your body movement.

With all of that and a three-year warranty, you may expect to pay close to $220 for such a device. If you move fast enough, you can scoop one up for $145 right now.

But, if you’re reading this blog too late, that price might have gone up. This offer is simply because we’ve overstocked our supply and have to cut our losses.

It’s too deep a discount to maintain this price long-term.

Good point. Take me the M10-IT for savings NOW!

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor IntelliSense HEM-907


While Omron prides themselves on blood pressure monitor accuracy, there is none more accurate than the IntelliSense HEM-907.

Robust in features, the practical use of the IntelliSense HEM-907 is approachable enough for point of care use as well as in the clinic.

It can measure one-off measurements like any other cuff out there, but can also take averages over the course of 2-3 measurements. This may help navigate or diminish the challenge of white coat syndrome.

When used accurately, this monitor brags an accuracy that lands within 4 mm HG plus or minus. The pressure range extends as high as 299 mm Hg, and the beats per minute measure up to 199 BPM.

Cuff inflation is automatic, as is deflation, and it’s quiet. No clinic wants to deal with noisy equipment, no matter how minimal. This monitor won’t upset that tranquility.

If that weren’t enough, this cuff is environmentally friendly, latex-free, and the device uses no mercury.

It comes with enough cuffs to accommodate any client plus an 18-month warranty. The best news of all? You can have it for 5 percent off our normal price (as of this writing).

That’s a lot for a high-end device.

This is the kind of detail I need and saving money is ideal.
If niether of these deals works for you or if you've arrived too late, check out our full line of blood pressure monitoring devices. Surely we have something there for you.  
Yes, take me there NOW.
If that is too much, dont' hesistate to reach out to us for help. We love helping people find the exact right product for their needs.
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