Hogies Safety Glasses; So Aussie, You’ll Cry Vegemite

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For medical professionals, eyes rank next to (if not above) hands on the list of most important body parts outside the brain.

Protection of this trio is high up on the list for brain surgeons and technicians alike. Frankly, we should all keep them in high esteem, but for those in medicine, careers ride on their proper function and partnership.

The hands are critical for work, yes, but the eyes are of special concern as they don’t tolerate trauma well.

Compared to the brain, encased in bone, the eyes have little more than a thin film of flesh and whispy eyelashes for protection. Many times that’s not enough.

At least the hands can form callouses. They can even take a dash of chemicals for a few seconds or a crunch in the door jam. The eyes? Not so much.

A splash of dangerous chemicals, blood, or even objects will always move faster or harder than the speed and strength of one’s natural eye protection.

For this reason, safety glasses are a standard for many professionals. It can never hurt to don a pair of quality safety lenses. The landscape for styles is broad enough too.

For some roles, a flimsy pair of mass-produced plastic lenses will serve better than nothing, but if you need something reliable there are better options. You needn't break the bank for them either.

Brands like Prestige, Safetyquip, Kimberly-Clark, and of course, Hogies rise up as potential contenders for eye protection. Hogies, however, get so much right about safety and style, you can’t go wrong with them.

Not only that, but Hogies is a family-run company started right here in Australia. They're so down under, you'll cry tears of Vegemite once you try them on the first time.

There are a number of good reasons to consider Hogies, more than simply being Australian, beginning with the company's origin story.


Who is Hogies Australia Pty Ltd?


Over four decades ago, the Hogies brand of protective eyewear came into the world via Martin Hogan, the late founder of the brand. Since then, much has changed about the design and offerings of Hogies, but one thing has remained the same.

As mentioned, Hogies is still a family-owned business. Since its inception, they've been a leader in eyewear design, evidenced by the many imitations.

Most importantly to Australians, Hogies is a homegrown brand of medical tech. Being raised locally hasn’t slowed Hogies down any. The owners continue to present at international trade shows around the world.

Hogies' collective reach is so far, it has extended outside this world. They’ve been involved with project specific designs for US space mission to create anti-glare environment eyewear.

Even the Royal Australian Air Force has been a customer of Hogies, using Martin Hogan’s designs for years as standard issue eyewear.

No doubt, Hogies is that local kid makes good story we all love.  

Why choose Hogies?


If that last section didn’t tickle you in the kangaroo pouch, then try on this pitch: Hogies are durable, versatile, and they look cool.

There is no other brand of safety glasses that could double as your fashion lenses without looking a bit off.

If you’re wearing a pair of Hogies tinted lenses, especially one of the versions that feature anti-glare, you might prefer them to your store-bought glasses for driving or riding your motorcycle.

Reason being? You’ll have a tough time scratching your Hogies. They’re designed to take abuse and keep on shining.

The Eyeguard Grey Revos are a great example. They employ UV protection on top of standard Hogies features like adjustability, water repellent, and fog and scratch resistance.

Hogies aren’t exactly Hollywood fashion frames, but they aren’t a slouch for fashion either. Their sporty look has been emulated by most sports glasses out there.

You will not suffer this confusion with any of the other brands mentioned so far (although those other safety glasses make great products in their own respective rights).

Let me see those Grey Revos.

Where can I buy Hogies safety glasses?


While you may be able to search for Hogies on sites like eBay or Amazon, you can’t be sure of the condition or authenticity.

As stated, many have tried to emulate the Hogies’ look. Sadly, some have tried to rip it off too. You can’t be sure you’re buying a genuine pair of Hogies unless you purchase from a reputable distributor like Medshop Australia.

We stock the most requested brands of Hogies and make sure that we have enough on the shelves to keep the whole country safe from flying debris.


Can I use Hogies with a loupe?


In most cases, you can add a loupe to your setup. Most mountable medical loupes will fit on a part of Hogies like a glove.

This allows you to illuminate your work, adjust it to meet your unique prescription, and see what you need at most inter-pupillary distances and angles.

Because Hogies are designed to fit comfortably, like they’re not even there, adding a loupe is tolerable to heavy glasses.

Protect the parts of you that mean the most. Do it with style and comfort in a pair of Hogies safety glasses.

While you're at it, toast up some bread. We've got some Vegemite to spread.
Show me the Hogies!
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