Gift Ideas for Your Favourite Medical Professional

Gift Ideas for Your Favourite Medical Professional It's that time of year again; the silly season has arrived. Tinsel and lights are all around, Christmas trees are going up, and now we need to figure out what to put under them. Ah, the mad Christmas rush! It is a time of great joy, family, friends and celebration, but it can also be a cause for stress. If finding that perfect gift for your favourite health worker, student, or loved ones is proving to be a challenge, never fear - we are here to lend a hand. Here are our tips and suggestions to help take the pressure off. Don't be Tachy

Tip 1: Find out what they want.

What you don't want to happen is your present is opened and met with a "what is it?" or an, "oh great thanks, another stethoscope." You might not want to give away the surprise but everyone appreciates receiving something they want and need for Christmas, so sometimes it is best to just ask. You might also be able to find out through speaking with others who know the person well. Ornament

Tip 2Enlist help.

How kind of you to offer to purchase a piece of medical equipment for your loved one. You're sure to win you some awesome gift-giver points and they'll be super grateful, but what if you can't afford the gift they really want? You have a couple of options... both require a little help from your friends. For starters, you can contact us for advice. Let's say they want a Welch Allyn PanOptic / Macroview Diagnostic Set. In case you didn't know, this diagnostic set is the top of the range and it the ideal set for those who want to do the very best for their patients. High-quality medical equipment always comes with a price tag, and it is true in this case that you get what you pay for, but that doesn't mean you absolutely must go top-range. In this case, we might recommend you purchase the next level down, like the Welch Allyn Coaxial / Macroview Diagnostic Set. Your cherished medical professional can always upgrade to a PanOptic  in later years. As an alternative,  you could enlist the help of some other friends or family members and present the desired diagnostic set as a group present. Sharing the cost amongst several people allows you to give the gift they want, and not exceed your gift budget. Person Who Has Everything

Tip 3: Just because they have what they need, doesn't mean they have everything they want.

Got a loved one who seems to have it all? Stethoscope? Yes. Diagnostic set? Yes. Scrubs? Yes. Fob watches? Yes. Option 1: Maybe they could use a spare? A pair and a spare, it can actually be really useful to have a spare stethoscope, diagnostic set, or pair of scrubs handy. Things can go missing, it is a fact of life and wouldn't it be nice to have a backup ready waiting for such times? By presenting the gift as a spare, it actually seems very thoughtful and not at all unoriginal. Option 2: Get creative! Anatomical models, anatomical posters, books, socks, bags and cases, we have them all. Have a browse through our range and we are sure you will find something unique and original to give to the person who seems to have everything. Still stuck? See tip #2, about contacting us, or use this quick reference guide for ideas to stimulate your creative mind. The Perfect Gift

Top Gift Ideas for Nurses:

Stethoscopes: The Littmann Classic II and Littmann Classic III are the industry go to stethoscopes for nurses Fob watches: With a huge range of colours and designs, a nurse can never have too many fob watches Nursing Pockets/Pouches: Designed to carry all the essentials a busy nurse needs on the job ID's and retractables: In wide range of designs, to help keep ID badges and swipe cards safe and within reach

Top Gift Ideas for Doctors:

Doctors bag: An essential item for busy and travelling doctors. Stethoscope: Littmann Cardiology III is our most popular stethoscope range for doctors Anatomical models and Anatomical posters: Perfect for the desk or office Diagnostic sets: These vary depending on the needs of the individual practitioner, best to discuss this option with the recipient to determine which one best suits their needs.

Top Gift Ideas for Students:

Student kits: Ideal for students getting started, the kits we stock vary in content and are a cost effective way to purchase essential student supplies. Educational cards: Flash cards, and other informative cards are a great resource for students to have on hand as they take up little space and can quickly inform the student of a particular process they need to learn or perform. Sphygmomanometer: For those not familiar a sphygmomanometer is a manual blood pressure monitor, we stock a range of vibrant colours, designs and sizes. Protective eyewear: for all those messy lab sessions and practicals, our range is sure to have something for everyone. As always if you need more advice on a particular product our helpful customer service team are always available to help. Just give them a call on 135 136 during business hours of 9 am- 5 pm Mon - Fri, Victorian time. Or send through an email to Like clicking on links? Click here - and join us on Pinterest. Come Join us on Pinterest
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