9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Nurses (That Your Family CAN Afford)

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Every year there are two dreaded possibilities for the silly season. Someone will ask “what do you want for [fill in the blank with favourite holiday],” or worse... they won’t ask at all.

That means you will either be faking gratitude for another silly obligatory gift orrr it means you’re not getting one at all.

Nurses work hard. So do other medical professionals, but nurses and student nurses are the ones we worry about receiving the gratitude they’re due.

It’s not that folks don’t appreciate nurses. It’s only, when is the best time to express that gratitude? If your favourite nurse isn’t working, he’s probably catching up on sleep or Netflix, but mostly sleep.

There is an easy solution. A neatly wrapped gift, something simple even, would go a long way to catching up on all the missed thank-yous nurses deserve.

It doesn’t have to be a Littmann 3200 Digital Stethoscopealthough that would make a lovely gift — but, if it was something fun and work-related, that would be better than something from the “hey, it’s the thought that counts” category.

Here are 9 of the most cost-effective ideas for nurses from the Medshop catalogue.

Please note: Any prices mentioned are effective as of the day this was written. Pricing and product availability may change.


Our Mini ClipPen Set - $1.50

clip pens.png

Nurses go through pens like it was fashionable to lose things, mostly because someone accidentally runs off with their pens, but also because they fall out of pockets and such.

So, we designed one that’s hard to lose, but sadly not theft-proof. Nobody’s perfect.

This set of mini clip pens can clip to a belt loop, a lanyard or keychain. For a mere $1.50, they are so affordable you could buy a few sets to load up your favorite nurse or hand them to several nurses like candycanes.

Buy ClipPen Set

Prestige Fashion Socks - $13.95


Does any gift say holidays more than socks? These socks from Prestige are not only functionally ideal for nurses, but they’re also fun, fun, fun. That’s one dose of fun for each pair of socks in the three-pack.

The most popular version is the paw prints style, but Prestige makes a few versions. They’re so popular, we struggle to keep them in stock.

Don’t worry about buying too many socks for your favourite nurse. They walk so much, nurses burn through pairs of socks like a fire through a yule log.

Buy Prestige Fashion Socks

Mu Bags’ New Range - $25.75

Mu Bags.png

The hottest name in nurse’s bags is Mu Bags. Nurses just gotta have ‘em.

Mu Bags designs the pouches nurses want to carry around the tools they need at their fingertips. This New Range from Mu Bags stays tight to a nurse’s body, which keeps it from catching on everything.

Despite this lean design, the New Range is a considerable roomy bag, able to hold a number of critical tools.

Not only that, it’s made from Neoprene, making it easy to clean, absolutely necessary when one could leave work (please excuse the graphic description) splattered in a variety of body fluids every day.

Buy Mu Bags’ New Range

Seca Tape Measure - $27.13

Untitled design (1).png

While it may not seem like the most romantic gift to give someone, a reliable tape measure is worth its weight in gold when a nurse needs one right now.

We sell many types of tape measures, but the Seca waist-to-hip ration version gives the user the ideal ergonomic interface, making it easy and efficient to use, but also provides a method for determining body fat levels.

This is invaluable information, but what the tape measure does is save time using another instrument to gather that body fat data.

Buy Seca Tape Measure

Oxypas Eva Clog - $40.50


Fun fact: Nurses can walk five to eight kilometres during the course of a regular ten-hour shift. That’s up to a marathon every week on a six-day schedule!

This "fun" fact leaves no room for discomfort or poor performance in a nurse’s shoe.

Cue: Oxypas Eva clog, a moulded clog in the style of the more common (but wildly overpriced) brand known as Crocs.

Oxypas’ version wields an exclusive antistatic design so nurses don’t create shocks when working with patients. They also brag slip resistance, an anti-bacterial layer of protection, and a CE certification by the European Economic Area (EEA).

For the $40 or so each pair costs, they offer the superior comfort and protection nurses need to keep logging marathons every week.

Read more on Oxypas: 7 Reasons Oxypas is the Most Comfortable Nursing Shoe You’ll Ever Wear

Buy Oxypas Eva Clog

Riester Fortelux N Penlight - $69.74

Untitled design (1) copy.png

This one is on the higher end of gift-giving at $69.74, but for a good reason. It’s a solid penlight.

We carry six different colours of the Reister penlight (link leads to the black version), which is a finer penlight than the usual lot of disposable penlights that float around a nurses station.

Carrying a nice penlight is like the difference between a disposable pen and a MonteBlanc version. There’s an unspoken confidence that goes with using a finer instrument.

This one from Fortelux is photo-biologically validated for ophthalmic use, which means it’s designed for use in pupil examination. The bulb is LED, which means it burns cooler and lasts longer.

The enclosure is aluminium, which makes it lightweight, durable and disinfectable.

Buy Riester Penlight

Student Nursing Kits

There are many kits that help student nurses through their studies. Unless one attends ACU, a Uni who has their own student kit designs, most student nurses will be fine with one of our other options.

What follows are three slightly different options offering exceptional value at three different price levels.


The Budget Kit - $49.50

Rap Kit.png

This kit, featuring a Rappaport stethoscope and a simple sphygmomanometer gets the job done for most students. At $49.50, it’s a great bargain allowing students on a budget the chance to keep up with peers.

Not to mention... At the end of the day, one receives marks on competency, not owning the fanciest student nursing pack. There will be plenty of time after graduation to upgrade one’s tools.

Look at it this way: this kit leaves room for an upgraded version as a graduation gift.

Buy Budget Kit 

Spirit Nursing Pack - $92.50


A step up in cost, but with the upgrades to back it up, our Spirit Nursing Pack features the same basic sphygmomanometer as the budget kit, but with a slightly more sophisticated looking stethoscope.

It also includes some bonus tools, safety glasses, and a fob watch and case. But, wait! That's not all...

There’s a CPR mask, a nice pen, a penlight, and a pocket pouch for carrying some of that gear.

Yes, it’s $92.50, a handsome gift, but one that will keep giving year after year for a worthy student.

Buy Spirit Nursing Pack

Littmann Classic III Student Nursing Pack - $165.00


Some people like to go all out during the holidays. Every nurse deserves the best tools and the best opportunity to succeed, but our Littmann III student nursing pack will only appeal to a few shoppers due to the price tag.

This is a case of “you get way more than what you pay for.”

It's basically the same kit as the Spirit version with one big difference. It includes a stethoscope we sell for $119.00, making up most of the cost for the kit. If you bought these accessories separately, you’d spend near $220.00.   

Buy Littmann Classic III Student Nursing Pack

Whew! Okay... This list gives you a wide variety of options in a variety of budgets, hopefully enough to make your holiday cheery and bright.

Receiving gifts is always great, but there is no better feeling than giving them.

Let those who love you get the chance to feel that good feeling by sharing this blog on your social media feed or in an email. They’ll thank you for the help, and considering shipping time, the sooner the better.

Happy Holidays from the whole Medshop Australia team!
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